Specials won’t level?

I don’t have Caedmon, and my Sonya’s aren’t leveled. If I got a Caedmon, I’d raise him first over Gormek…but I’d level Gormek at some point cause I love tanks.

Just keep in mind that lately folks in wars seem to be equipped with lots of blue heroes, and a red tank (weak to blue) might not be as helpful as he once was. Depends.

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I just need more heros leveled for wars at this point. Just a few more to have 30 useful heros.

You want Caedmon?

I got 4 Grimms, 4 Tibs, 2 Gormek too

You and I need to make a Kashrek Wall. Lol

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You know it took me about 4 or 5 months to get 1 (Gormek as well) and now I have 3 Kash’s in a short amount of time.

Let’s see:

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You got that Magni guy that has eluded me.

I need to get some more 5*. out of the normal heros I think that is all I am missing.

Someone recently challenged me to go back to TC20. So I baked six 20’s. Am waiting for them to come out if the oven… :grin:

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If your blue and red teams are about equal and you don’t have a special need for Gormek, I’d max Sonya. You already have two heroes with a Ramming Pulverizer but only Caedmon with a debuffing special. Sonya hits stronger than Gormek and you’ll get two heroes with a Piercing Strike.


I have been on mine consistently lately but getting nothing. I stopped for a while to level stuff I had.

I really want Sartana

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. Also give me more options as well.

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Hey Beeliana,

this topic has same discussion :wink:

You are NOT alone out there :exploding_head:

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My members and I have all had same issues and it when even leveling up smaller heroes. SPECIALS ARE NOT WORKING! No one has reported a special increasing since last upgrade. Please look into this thoroughly. Also, has it changed from getting 6 attacks during war down to 3? Or do leaders have that option to change before battling starts? I was able to attack in beginning and didn’t get any more war energy and it’s less than 45 minutes of battle left.

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Today I got special rises on Belith, Azlar, and Hansel, not including two more via ascension. OTOH, so far my Wabbit, on a diet of 1* reds, seems set on matching @Rook’s legendary Gunnar as a maxed hero with a 3/8 special, based on his performance to date.

Gunnar 2.0 is doing much better. Up to 6/8 already: :grin:

I think the original Gunnar is about to be eaten… :wink:

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Yaaaassssss…… But please hold onto originally dim-witted Gunnar for show-and-tell.

As for mine that was stuck at 5/8, I eventually got 2 up from 1* or 2* snacking time for him and finally saved up 4x Gunnar to get him from 7 to 8 because I was so, so ready to be done with him.

My 5/8 Gunnar insta-leveled to 8/8 in Beta when I fed several 3* to him (1, 2, 3). Not sure if that normally happens, but it did there. :wink:

I wonder if it is because it is in the Beta environment, specials are allowed to be leveled quicker/easier just so max stats testing can be achieved faster (I don’t know, never been a Beta Tester before).

I am getting same problem with 3* heroes…i reach 3/50 with special skill levels at 5 (if i am lucky)…I don’t know if they are worth to be raised up (maybe hisan and balthazar only?)

I have the same problem for several days now. I have fed way more than 100 heroes, but got not a single level up for the specials.
If I sum up the (displayed) chances for level up, I’d probably arrive at more than 500%. I know that’s not the way to calculate, but it’s really, really unlikely that one does not get a single level up with that many attempts. I’d be glad to receive any helpful feedback.


I’ve been getting level ups on the specials of the heroes I’m working on. Frustratingly though, they’ve all been on the 4* and 5* heroes where I have ascensions and thus free special gains still in hand, not on my annoying 3* Wabbit who’s up to 3/25 on a diet of 1* feeders, and has had just one gain outside ascension to date.

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