Specials won’t level?

I’m not sure if this is an actual issue, but I haven’t been able to level specials of my characters in weeks. I realize there is a certain element of chance involved, but usually I could always level the specials well enough to get a hero with fully levelled specials by the time they are maxed.

But lately this isn’t the case anymore. At this point I don’t even dare to level Cyprian, because he’s on third Ascension and his special is only level 3. No special leveling outside of ascension.

Has anyone else observed this?

Yes. I’ve been doing single cards on these stubborn heroes. It seems to take forever but they DO level up those pesky specials.

do you feed the same color? I have had stubborn heros even feeding the same color. But most of the time they get there.

It is quite a pain though…

I do both same color and rainbow if I have extra…usually same color, 1-2*

I only feed other colors if they are close to ascension. Even at max special I feed same color. Just because if I don’t it screws up my routine of 1 of each color at a time.

While I have you here. Without knowing anything else who would you take to 70 Gormek or Sonya. Gormek has a ways to 60 so I may find a glove sometime along the way.

I have Tibs and Grimm maxed. Caedmon as well.

You know leveling up with same color to same color gives your same-colored hero more exp. points? You get more gain in the bar when matching colors. Try it out… a 1* green consumed by another green is worth +180 level points. That same 1* green is only worth +150 points when combining with any other color. So, you are losing out +30 level points on the 1* heroes when you don’t match colors. It gets progressively more beneficial/detrimental the higher the *


To me Sonya is virtually a blue Caedmon, and Gormek is virtually a red Grimm/Tibs. It’s not exactly true, but that’s my mental quick math. So my question is, do you need a blue Caedmon more than a red Grimm/Tibs? :wink:

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Thats exactly how I see them without looking further. Thats why I added that info.

I think I’ll bring Sonya first. She is closer but Gormek will be one of the next as have all 3 pulverizes is always good.

Thank you, wanted to make sure I was looking at it right.

I don’t have Caedmon, and my Sonya’s aren’t leveled. If I got a Caedmon, I’d raise him first over Gormek…but I’d level Gormek at some point cause I love tanks.

Just keep in mind that lately folks in wars seem to be equipped with lots of blue heroes, and a red tank (weak to blue) might not be as helpful as he once was. Depends.

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I just need more heros leveled for wars at this point. Just a few more to have 30 useful heros.

You want Caedmon?

I got 4 Grimms, 4 Tibs, 2 Gormek too

You and I need to make a Kashrek Wall. Lol

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You know it took me about 4 or 5 months to get 1 (Gormek as well) and now I have 3 Kash’s in a short amount of time.

Let’s see:

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You got that Magni guy that has eluded me.

I need to get some more 5*. out of the normal heros I think that is all I am missing.

Someone recently challenged me to go back to TC20. So I baked six 20’s. Am waiting for them to come out if the oven… :grin:

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If your blue and red teams are about equal and you don’t have a special need for Gormek, I’d max Sonya. You already have two heroes with a Ramming Pulverizer but only Caedmon with a debuffing special. Sonya hits stronger than Gormek and you’ll get two heroes with a Piercing Strike.


I have been on mine consistently lately but getting nothing. I stopped for a while to level stuff I had.

I really want Sartana

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. Also give me more options as well.

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Hey Beeliana,

this topic has same discussion :wink:

You are NOT alone out there :exploding_head:

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My members and I have all had same issues and it when even leveling up smaller heroes. SPECIALS ARE NOT WORKING! No one has reported a special increasing since last upgrade. Please look into this thoroughly. Also, has it changed from getting 6 attacks during war down to 3? Or do leaders have that option to change before battling starts? I was able to attack in beginning and didn’t get any more war energy and it’s less than 45 minutes of battle left.

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