Specials overriding - Krampus & C Killhare

I noticed that if Krampus fires after C Killhare, C Killhare’s attack down is not overridden by Krampus’ attack up.
However, if C Killhare fires after Krampus, Krampus’ attack up is overridden by C Killhare’s attack down.

Is this a bug? Any thoughts, please share

Killhare’s defense down can’t be cleansed, therefore it can override Krampus’ defense up.


Isn’t C Killhare’s attack down uncleansable? Uncleasable ailments (Killhare’s atk down) overwrite dispellable buffs (Krampus’ atk up), but dispellable buffs don’t overwrite uncleasable ailments.


Ah, ok. Thanks, friends!

It’s recommended to use an ailment blocker like Garnet to counter C Killhare’s attack down ailment

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Yes, subject to one having her in their roster :grinning:

I chuckle everytime someone offers a solution to an in game problem by saying

“Bring cash”

I use vanda to block attack down.
I wolud use c kadilen also… but i don’t understand why the attack down never triggers c kadilens dodge?!

True, the defence/attack down seems to bypass C Kads dodge

I think this had to be corrected by the developers

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