Special update from Empires and Puzzles -Facebook Scam?

SG you have published in your official Facebook account a challenge and you say that you would give away a package of 50,000 gems and you posted a link to claim the gems, I already did everything and I still have not received them (the gems)

Interesting, can you screenshot that for us plebs who don’t use FaceBook?

I believe this is a previously reported scam.

As above, do you have screenshots?

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Yes i got it the picture

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You should include the account name so it can be seen if it’s the official one or not.

You can easily recognize the official account by the blue checkmark next to their name - it’s the only account for E&P with this checkmark.

Judging by the small number of comments and likes I doubt this is the official account.

The link looks highly suspicious and 50,000 gems is well above any offer I’ve seen.

If you clicked the link or provided and details I’d suggest checking all your account security.

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This is not a post from our official post. I highly recommend to NOT click any of these links.

As @LogBomb mentioned, you can recognize our official Empires & Puzzles social media accounts by the blue verification badge.



Deberian reportar esas paginas que usan el nombre de E&P para hacer ese tipo de cosas

They pop up faster than SG can report all of them.

Users really need to be wary and know how to recognize scams.


Ok! … gracias por las advertencias!!

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