Special Unicorn Titan with special reward

Hi, will only the first receive the special award (telescope) or do all have the chance to receive one? It showed up as a reward, but was not in my inventory then…
The other members did a fantastic job, now they are understandably disappointed that they didn’t receive the special reward and I really feel bad for I read everyone has the same chance to get one, but now it looks like they don’t… please make the reward available for all members, so the ones with a weaker team have a chance, too!


Everyone does have a chance, but it’s not guaranteed for anyone.


Actually, the odds are pretty low of getting the 4* item. Somewhere in the 10-15% range per person, based on the very limited experience I’ve had and have heard about.

Is it even that great a chance? We were excited to finally get a rare titan only to be let down once again with same old useless crap!
I think pretty much everyone that has been playing a while could ascend a battalions worth of 3* heroes but you wait for months for the other things.

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A 30-member alliance got six scopes from an 11* unicorn, which is the highest % I’ve heard of. I’d guess that lower * titans will have lower drop rates.

We had a 6* unicorn, and 1 person got a scope. I think he was in the top third, but not top 3

We had a 8* and have 30 members… nobody got a scope

Nobody get talescope

I have 2 accts and fought 2 rare titans.
5* = no one got one.
9* = 1 person who done 31k damage and came 25th got one.

The highest I heard was ten, but that was one example. Most were 1-5 folks winning.

(If it wasn’t someone I knew, I would have discounted the 10 winning report.)

I think results are very sad. I understand chance to get bonus reward is just a chance but problem is that so bad results mostly punish average alliances. For top alliances rare titans are nice challenge, same you can not say about rest of alliances. If you are between 7 and 8* titans (just example) and rare one is 8* titan then it is way to hard to beat it. Have to use all flasks etc. And in the end if only few are getting 4* ascension material or nobody then question is clear - is it worth to beat rate titans in the future?

Rare titans are nice addition but disappointment after is much bigger. I think there should be guaranteed ascension material. Mostly 3* and if you are lucky then 4* ascension material. Current system is not ok.


The rare titan is an excellent concept. However as it is currently constructed, it is mostly another disappointing implementation of what should have been a positive development. Now it is just another source of frustration for many/most.


In our alliance only 2 of us get a telescope(8* Titan). Personally I received only garbage(loot A) . The chances are really low, what you can expect from SG? A new way to get frustrated… They achieved their goal with this one too :)))


Like I wrote, there has to be guaranteed ascention material. Mostly 3* but with chance to get 4*. Easy fix. Or drop rate has to be higher.

Currently rare titans are not worth for average alliances. Except if you catch it after escaped titan.

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30 people, level 5, no Telescope here.

EDIT: 2 of ours got it.

I hate asking an unrelated question, but I can’t figure out how to post a new thread and I’m having an issue with a glitch in raids. Can anyone tell me how to start a new thread on this forum?

@Yoohoo Select (press/click) on the forum you want (i.e. Bugs & Issues) and then press/click New Topic.

9* Titan for my alliance numbers 4, 11, and 12 got a scope. 3/30 got it

Thank you @bluenoser. I looked everywhere and didn’t even see that button!

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Scary low results. Currently we are beating 8* titan and inside voice is saying that I will get telescope and rings :smiley: Dreaming, dreaming… Actually luck is not my best friend, just sometimes.

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