Special Titan-Token for no 90-Sec-Time-Limit requested

Once in a while i would just like to battle a titan till my team is done - not just 90 seconds.

Therefor it would just need a spezial token we can earn out of chests or as bonus in challenges and events…

What does community think about this??? Please place feedpack…

Won‘t work because a strong team will never die on a weak titan and thus could take him down in one hit.

I like the idea.

It could be a very rare sort of thing. And there could be all kinds of limits eg. Mercs can’t use them if the just join an alliance for one titan etc.

Beta testing could find out, whether there will be a real chance, that one player could single handedly defeat a titan. And if so, so what! It won’t shake the E&P universe to strong.

It’s a nice idea. I agree with @WoWi that it should be a very rare sort of thing with all kinds of limits. That includes also a time limit which is the most charming aspect of attacking a titan. For me at least. We try to squeeze in as many tiles as possible while keeping our heroes alive. This creates excitement which would be gone if such a ticket won’t have a time limit.

Perhaps a ticket which expands the time limit to, let’s say, 5 minutes.

I can see myself using such a ticket when the titan has 100k HP left, we have 10 minutes of the battle remaining and my other alliance members don’t have any titan energy left to spend. Especially useful for the less active alliances and the alliances with a mixed strength of players.

Won’t happen.

But a separate training ground which doesn’t affect the real titans, a place where you can choose a level and type of titan to practise against? Sure, that I’d support!

So what…? It would be super frustrating for the whole ally if they want to hit the titan but is dead after 1-2 hours because a few players hit it for that duration.
It might sound like a fun idea but it comes with too many problems and restrictions.

What I could see more is

  1. longer duration -> but flasks do that already
  2. a titan limited not by time but by tile-moves. Would be more strategic and slow paced

i could totally life with a 5-minute-time-out…

What about an item named “Time freeze” which stops the clock for “xx” turns?

Advantage of using more battle items and time to think for next turns.

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