Special summons

Does anyone know how these special summons work as far as giving out actual Legendary hero’s?? I saved up 600 gems and figured I would use them on the current summons for a chance to get the Panther Hero. Instead both of my summons gave me 2 three star heroes that I get in my regular Training camp.

To me it seemed like a waste of my gems to just get heroes I get regularly anyway.

There is a little ‘?’ in the top right corner that tells you the % chance of winning different tiers of heroes. It’s a game of chance and the odds are not in your favour. Hopefully that helps guide future decisions.

Good luck - because that is all it is.


If you look up in the upper left corner. You will see a ?, click on that and it will give you the odds for pulling a Rare, Epic or Legendary hero, as well as the special event heros.


Thank you I didn’t know about the ? Up there