Special stack


Does cyprian and elana’s special,stank when you use both at the same time?


I think you mean stack. Got to love auto-correct. :rofl:


Yes I did thank you. Have a nice day


No they don’t stack. No buffs or debuffs that work on the same stat stack. The later replaces the former. That also works for + and - effects. They don’t stack either.

So if say opponent activates grimm and you lose -30% defense, and then you activate Magni for +60% defense, the result is not +30% but +60%. There is an exception, Atthena. Her defense stacks with other + or - defenses. I suppose this is a bug that will be fixed.


Arien already answered, but I will mention that Brienne and Wu Kong are also in the exceptions category, and will stack with any other hero, or banner that increases attack power.

Great big edit here!!!

version 1.6 removed the ability to stack the buffs from Athena and Brienne with other buffs of the same type.


I guess also Kadilen’s defence against special attack would stack with general buff to defence.