Special skills to affect the state of the gem board


Just an idea, I think it would be cool to have some new heroes with special skills to change/influence the state of the gem board. This could lead to increased combos and give us a chance when the state of the board is bad.

These are a few ideas for related special skills:

  1. Replace all green gems with red ones (or any other color combination)
  2. New incoming gems (from the bottom of the board) have an X% chance of being blue for X turns.
  3. Chamaeleon: New incoming gems have an X% chance of being the element color of close-by allies (so positioning the chamaelon strategically is important).
  4. Shuffle the board (already exists as tornado)
  5. Insert your related idea hereā€¦

  1. Drop five diamonds on the board (1 of each color)

  2. Makes x color NOT appear on board (four colors only)

  3. Clear the board (very very very rare!)