Special Skills not leveling up

For several days I have noticed that special skills are not levelling up. I realise that this is a randomised chance but it has been several days since any of my levelled up heroes have increased in their special skill which is most unusual.

Its happened to me too randomly, but probably not a bug. I got G. Falcon up to T4 (all color matched feedings without any special ascensions (outside the guaranteed ones) over the past week…then bam back to back special levels.

RNG gonna RNG


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

That happens to all of us.

Tomorrow you’ll get multiple consecutive special ups.

It isn’t unusual.


But it sucks when it is happening! Just keep at it


My first heros I wasn’t staying in the color and they met the cap. Then I found out I had to level up with the same color hero when training. Special skill hardly leveling up. Am I missing something? I use one or two Star heros to train with. Do I need to use heros with more stars (I.e. 3 stars)?


I just took Wu Kong All the way through tier 3 without getting One SS upgrade… never feeding him less than 8%

It happens to all of us, at one time or another, recurring but never predictable. When a hero maxes his/her level but lags in the skills department, a previous version has already remedied this. Feed a single same-colored 2 star hero and you may get 20% chance of leveling the skill. Feed two and the probability doubles. Feed 3 at the same time, the chances is tripled. Maybe a single 1 star hero being fed to maxed hero but with unmaxed skills gets you 10% chances of leveling the skill, and this increases as the more hero of the same color is being fed at the same time.

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Right. I just hope I get 8/8 before I hit 4.70 with him lol.

I almost wanted to level Ranvir to 3.70, but honestly I didnt want to get stuck @ 3.70 and like… 6/8 or something. If I knew he was guaranteed to hit 8/8 by then I would’ve… but since he’s not maxed out there’s no sure thing.

Actually, It would be easier after you hit 4-70. If the special is not maxed by then, you’ll only need to feed 10 x 1* of the right color to your hero, and it’s special skill up (guaranteed!). Or 5 x 2*.


That’s what I’ll be doing with Wu, yeah. I just hope that it doesnt come to that, and that I get my extra 5% dmg prior to him being maxed out. Haha. :wink:

There is little chance for a 5* to reach 3/70 without 8/8 SS… So far, all my 5* were 8/8 when they reached 2/60. No exceptions. Of course, if you have Wu maxed, Ranvir looses most of his value for your team, but that’s another story…

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Yeah, it looks like my Magni made it there by 2/60 as well. Shootski. Oh well. I’m still fine with leveling Wu.

I will look to build up Ranvir once I’m hitting bigger titans than I am now.

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You need to feed 10 heroes at once to maximize SS lvl up chance. Just wait until you have 10 feeders of particular colour and use all of them at once.

Thanks for the advice. All the best.

I have Seshat, hero of the month. I was leveling her and ascended once and she is 40th level second ascend but she has her special skill 2/8 it did not improved once for all that time and every leveling is done with 10 dark heroes at once everu training had about 30% chance for improvment and after 15-20 trainings it did not improved once I think it is a bug please look into it. Thank you for your time.empires

I have the same Problem with Seshat

With last Update with all Heroes

It happens sometimes and suddenly you leveling them smoothly.

I m on leveling some Heroes, no one make skill Level in the last Week

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