Special Skills not increasing with hero at max level

I have leveled Graymane all the way up to 3/50 or mac level but my SS stayed at 4/8 and I can’t take him to the talent grid. I used 2600 gems to get 10 ice and that was a big waste. It took all of the heroes even though I was maxed and never increased my SS. Help!!!

How many blue heroes did you feed Greymane at a time?

At max level it increases the chance of improving the special skill by x5. So usually you just need 10 1* of the same color, or 5 2* of the same color.

Gameplay advice: don’t spend hard earned gems to get heroes for feeding. You can get 10 1* heroes from TC1 training in 1h and 40 minutes, and 10 2* heroes from TC2 in 5h.

I used duplicate 4*, 3*, 2* and 1*. 10 at a time both purchased and trained. When the SS wouldn’t increase and I was at max level, I still tried adding blues to see if the SS Would increase and that did not.

On your menu, can you go to Options -> Support -> Recent Activity…

And scroll down to where it says “Leveled up Greymane” with those blue heroes. Only the 3* and up will show up, but if you say you fed him multiple ones we can do more investigation from there

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What did the % say? should have been at 100% I guess…

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