Special Skills Missing the Enemy

I’ve noticed in a few raids that Evelyn’s special skill doesn’t always seem to stick to the enemy. The damage is applied, but the -54% nature defense isn’t. This has also happened when using Hel’s special. The enemy takes damage, but their mana isn’t blocked.

At first I thought I was imagining things, but it’s happened several times now. The enemies I specifically remember this happening with were Gregorion and Obakan, neither of which is in the Monk class, so that perk that allows them to avoid status ailments shouldn’t be a factor. None of the teams had Inari, so they weren’t dodging the specials. None of my heroes had the blind effect applied to them, either.

I don’t have any video evidence at the moment, but I’ll start recording my raids until it occurs again.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Is there some situation I might have overlooked where this could be possible?

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