Special Skill Upgrade Token

Hey all, this is my first post, and I’m relatively new to the forums, so forgive me if this has already been suggested.

I think it would be nice to add an item to the titan, war, and wanted chest loot that would upgrade one hero’s special skill by a point. Now, I’m not suggesting it increases the special skill cap, just one free point up within the eight point limit. It would help with that one unlucky hero whose special you just can’t seem to max.

For instance, I currently have Elkanen at 2^60 with 3/8 special. I only feed him green heroes, ten at a time, but his special just will not go up. I won’t be ascending him anytime soon, as I have other, better 5* greens. However, if his special was a little higher, he could still be a viable hero for alliance wars. As it stands, he’s not much good for anything, and I’m not going to waste valuable feeders on him for a shot at increasing his special while keeping him at 2^60.

These tokens would need to be fairly rare loot items, forcing players to use them wisely.

Arguments for or against? Any other thoughts?

me too with richard. IT’S NORMAL. go for 70/3 and you can see 7/8 or 8/8!

Sure, my problem is I’m lacking in ascension mats, though, and he’ll most likely be at 2^60 for a long, long time.

Maybe it really wouldn’t be worthwhile in the end, who knows? Just a thought I had, figured I’d throw it out there. Any and all feedback is appreciated. It is what the forum is for, after all.

I’m not sure a token is the answer, maybe a special skill hero along the lines of a trainer hero. These could represent an increased chance of levelling, similar to feeding a card to itself for a 25% chance. No guarantee of it working unless you collect a few of them at a time.


That’s a good idea. A token was just the first thing that popped into my head. Appreciate the input!


Seems like a waste, but then again so are loot tickets. This kind of a boost would really be meant to help 3* heroes since most 4* & 5* heroes will max their SS before maxing the levels. As you said, it is a solution for a problem that affects only 1%. And if you really wanted to max SS after the hero hits their level cap, you can keep feeding them. They still get that 2% or 4% chance of increasing their SS even though their level will remain unchanged.

Right, a token increasing special skill is probably unnecessary. But as @Amazingcrwns said, perhaps a hero similar to a Trainer Hero, except with better chance for SS upgrade instead of extra XP.

I’d say that’s a genuinely good idea. No guarantee of anything, not a freebie, just a better chance from time to time.


It doesn’t happen often, and when it does Its always been a 3 star and I usually just throw my duplicate 3 stars at them for the 25 percent chance until they’re maxed. It hasn’t been a problem for anyone except Hisan since I can only pull a duplicate card during the sand event.

Not an issue I think needs to be solved, but if it were addressed I’d like to see them use the trainer hero model.

Fun discussion everyone, thanks to the OP for bringing it up.

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I don’t have problems with getting the special skill to level 8, so i just always use 10 heroes as food or to level up my heroes so that every time i level up i have at least a 12% chance or better to level up their special skill.

Even with 10 heroes at a time , some heroes’ special won’t just toggle, I checked through some players defense team and I noticed this phenomenon is common , I may not know the statistic but I am sure it is more than 1% , some one said it is some bugs , but whatever it is , there should be a solution , either a rare token for this purpose or a trainer hero for leveling up specials , it could also be integrated into existing trainer heroes for example star 2 or 3 trainer heroes.

I think this is a good topic to discuss, more so that there is no official write up on how to level up heroes , every idea of leveling up came from experienced players , leveling up should be guaranty even if it takes time but as it is, none of the methods is sure; particularly on star 3 heroes , I have bundles of them that won’t just level up specials whereas some would straight away, yet they were all fed similarly color for color, 10-12% at each leveling , at a point I changed to feeding them one hero at a time and surprisingly some specials of some heroes would toggle, so from my experience there is no clear cut pattern, and that shouldn’t be , At a point I started to agree there must be some bugs : I had to feed Layla with 4 Layla to max the special , whereas even with 1 Layla(25%), it didnt max neither at 50% and 75%, not until 4xLayla (100%), so I guess truly there must be some bugs , because it would not be expected to be doing that for all heroes that failed to reach their max special before the heroes max. To max special for Star 4 & 5 heroes is relatively better , I guess the long range of levels before those heroes max cap helps .


Hmm. Don’t know why the pattern how to Level up is not known. If you feed a hero it clearly states the chance for leveling the special skill. As you don’t need so many feeders to max a 3* Hero, a token for upgrading the skill would be fine. For all my 4 and 5* heroes I could finally max to 8 but only because you need to pass so many tiers and levels

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Off topic but do you happen 2 b a teacher by any chance?

Suppose I probably should have lead with the argument for its use on 3*. Thanks for the input!

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Me? No, I’m not a teacher, but I am curious as to what made you ask. lol