Special skill stacking

Hello! Does Boldtusk’s special skill stack with WuKong? I’m working on leveling them both as part of my offensive team especially for challenge events. Thank you.

Yes, throw in a ramming pulveriser (tibertus, Grimm or gormek) and you’ll be awesome!

I stacked Kiril and my new Wu Kong and hit a Titan’s defence with Tibertus.

Add a decent board and it took my top titan score from 35k to 54k!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that already @Annieb?

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I don’t think so … :wink:

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Just one simple rule to remind of:
Is the skill Symbol the same it does not stack (e.g. Tib, Gormek, Grimm).
If the Symbol differs they do stack (e.g. dice for Wu and sword up from Boltusk)

But this does not work with brienne, as her symbol is different from BT/Kirill but they do not stack.

Don’t got her. How does her Symbol look like?

Looks like this- and @EvilSmoothie is correct. It does not stack with kiril/bt or an attack banner. The latest overrides the previous

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Does anybody know other exceptions?