Special Skill not overriding slash attack

In raids, I’ve been noticing defensive heroes using both their special AND slash attack in the same turn. Most recent specific case.

My turn:
Defensive hero Fenrir shows slash attack count down of 1.
I hit him with shields causing mana bar to max.

Defense Turn: Fenrir uses special then also makes slash attack. Effectively attacking twice.

It was my understanding that max mana bar special attack overrides regular slash attack and pushes the slash attack to the next turn.

Are you sure that slash came from Fenrir and not from hero next to him?

Yes. Only reason I noticed was because he was last hero and it was his last attack that finished me off. It was a “yes, I survived his bite, wait… what??” response. I had also heard a complaint about it happening prior to this from a teammate who I had told to try and capture it on video if he could.

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