Special Skill not increasing - RNG, or bug?

Let’s open proceedings with: I know the concept of the RNG and how you can get bad runs…
I would, however, like to sense check whether the run I am getting (with my wife) really is just a combined bad RNG run, or whether there may be an issue.

(There was, after all, an underlying bug stopping rare chests from appearing).

Our issue is a lack of any special skill increases for some time now, despite levelling with maxed sets of complimentary heroes.
My wife has a run of 10 (or more) attempts using combination of 2* and 1* of same colour as her hero. This is yielding average of 25% (or more) chance to level (with a couple in which she pushed more 2*, bringing chance to 40%)… and nothing.

Normal odds here you’d expect an increase every 4 trainings or so (if not better because of the couple of 40% attempts).

Now I’m thinking this could just be bad RNG run. But I’ve been experiencing similar as well on one of my heroes over the last 7 to 9 days. It was skilling up nicely before, but have now not received any for last 7 or so attempts (with around 25% average).

Are we, together, having a run of bad luck? Or is there an underlying issue here?

I guess if I get several reports of successful special skill level-ups in recent time (say in the last week or so) with sub-30% chance then it may look like we’re just getting shafted by the RNG gods…

Let me know how it’s been going with you…

My special skills have been rising as normal. I run anywhere from 1% up to around 20% chance

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My Special Skills have been upgrading (albeit not as quickly as I recall in the past), however I’ve been doing 10x rainbow grabbag (1-2*, all colors), not a specific color of only 2*.

Not sure if 10x same color 2* only would get me better results. :thinking:

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I should have known.
Next level up my wife tried after this got the skill increase.
Hmmm… if it takes me posting on the forums to tempt the RNG gods to grant that level, I guess you’ll be seeing a lot more from me. :wink:

(Mine still to level… next attempt of mine failed - that’s a run of 8 now on full specific colour. Not in as bad a situation as the missus - she risks getting stuck on level 5 special on Boril waiting for her final ascension item (and Boril more than most really needs those specials)).

Thanks anyway peeps - flagging this one as ‘resolved’.

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