Special skill NEVER increases, although my 4* hero is almost maxed!

Hi everyone,

This is my first message.

I am enjoying the game but currently something strange is happening.

I got Wilbur some time ago. He is now almost maxed (level 38, last ascension) and his special skill never raised even once when feeding him. He is now SK4 due to ascensions.
The probability for the special skill to never increase for such a long time is 0.

Please tell me if you have encountered such an issue.

SG support just gave me generic response. Not satisfied. !


Unfortunately, the chance is not zero, just very low. It will happen on most 3*, a few 4*, and very seldom on a 5* that you don’t get the increases you need. But don’t worry: when he is maxed, the trainers will give very high percentages of increasing the skill (10 1* red feeders is 100% chance, 5 2* red feeders is also 100% chance). You don’t need to panic.


Feeding 10x1* reds or 5x2* red feeder heros will give you 100% increase in level as @mpolo has stated above. Feeding off-colour heros might be quick, but doesn’t guarantee the special skill will level up.

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I understand what is said : you only a chance to level up heto’s SK. I get it.
But “a chance” is a probability. This probability here is between 20% and 40% for a “10 pack”.

If someone can tell me how many points in total you need to fully level-up a hero, I’ll tell the probability to level-up at least ONCE the special skill. This is the point here. My hero’s SK NEVER raised, not once. And I think that this probability is 0%. Even for a 3* the chance to level-up at least once before it is maxed is very high.

You seem to be under the misapprehension that your situation is somehow unique. IT ISN’T. Probably happened to everyone here. Under normal circumstances 30% will give you a level up; 20% probably won’t.

Yup. It happens.

  • Most of the time with 3 stars
  • Sometimes with 4s and 5s costumes (because they require lesser exp to level up than the main hero)
  • Once in a while with 4s
  • Very rarely with 5s

The special skill increase probability is given each time you feed a hero or ten. They are all discrete probabilities.

Once you hit max, you can hit 100% probability by feeding 10 on color 1* heroes or 5 on color 2s etc. Or one copy of the same hero.

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I am currently experiencing this right now.

I had about 50 2* purples to feed a proteus that I did not get yesterday. Blew them all on Sabina instead. Even threw in some 3* and 4* purples into the mix so some of the feeds were well over 50% chance.

Not one skillup. NOT ONE. Did the same for my yellow 5* except this time with about 20x 2* yellows. Not a single skillup.

Why must this game be so infuriatingly frustrating? I’m literally about to uninstall because of how ■■■■ every god damn RNG feature is in this game.

@PandaPandaPanda it’s rare for this to happen as it has with you, but not impossible. You’ve been unlucky. But by the time Wilbur is maxed hopefully he will have behaved himself and the levels started going up.

Unfortunately it is just all how random numbers behave. I’ve had heroes level up on a 1% chance before, and not level on a 95% chance. It’s life, but if it’s any consolation it usually evens out in the end. There will be that 5* one day who is at 8/8 on first ascension :+1:

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Unless you do a training where the chance is actually 100% for a skill up for that one training then the odds of never getting a skill up on all of your training so far isn’t 0. The odds might be really low but it isn’t 0. With as may people who play this game and are leveling heroes those really rare and unlikely things do end up happening to someone both on good things and bad. As multiple people have mentioned SG recognizes this and their change to improve this is increasing the chance of a skill up once the hero is maxed so it’s relatively easy to get a 100% chance to get a skill up.

But it still hurts having to use 20x2 on colour 2 stars to max a special.

Feeding heroes of the same colour one at the time instead of 10 until i filled level 8 special skill works best is my opinion. After that i go full throttle with feeding. Even a 1* off colour hero can level up the special skill. You just need some patience.

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Happened to me more than once with 3*…

Even on 5* it occasionally happens. Just taken Sartana + Costume up to 3-70 ready for the next Tabbard and Sartana was maxed by the 2nd Ascension and sat 8/8 yet the costume was 1/8 by that point…literally the only special up I’d had was when I did ascension 1. She got to 3/70 at 5/8 but that’s RNG for you…:

It has happened to me that I feed a hero with a 90% to increase its special skill level, and it doesn’t. So yes, it happens, that’s possibility.
Good luck.

It has been nearly a week and I’m literally seeing no skillups across multiple heroes that I am leveling.

Can a dev please provide some insight if there is something funky going on behind the scenes? I’m really tired of throwing 10x 2* or better at my heroes and seeing no skillups. This is simply beyond frustrating.

First of all to level up any hero, you must “feed” with the same element, but if you have, if there is a problem and it is serious, since it cannot be that you spend resources on an element that by logic should be to the maximum in every way, and this I am also living, I hope to solve it soon as many persistent errors

5 after one ascension and 15 levels.

Thank you all for your answers and testimonies. But I am still to see any maxed 4* hero with no updated special skill.

I have more than 150 heroes. All finally reached the max level with at least 6 or 7 on special skill, even the 3*.

The probability for this to happen is one chance over 50 millions!
I considered:

  • 160k points to go to max for a 4*;
  • a mix of 1* (180 points) and 2* (468 points) per feeding pack = 3200 points per pack
  • This leads to 50 pack of 10.
  • 70% not to increase the special skill for each pack fed.
  • The probability is then (0.7)^50 = 1.8x10^-8. This means 1 chance over 55 millions not to increase the special skill before the hero reaches the max.

So please don’t tell me this is common or it happens sometimes. It should never happen. Or it is due to a bug or the given stats (2% chance of increase per 1* hero) are wrong.

Thank you if you read up to this point.

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Frustrating, especially with the math you’re showing… but within the realm of possible.

Yup, it can be very frustrating. I just leveled Renfeld and his costume. Both versions are maxed, both have 3/8 special. Ugh.

Does someone remember the days back in 2018 before emblems have been introduced?

The chances of increasing the skill on a maxed hero was not increased by 10 times like now with emblems.

It took me weeks to get my 3-50 Valen from 5/8 to 8/8 when you only had a chance of 1% for a in color 1* and 2% for a in color 2* feeder.


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