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Hey fellow players, thanks for your input on this topic. I have a hero that I’ve acsened three times and I’m in the process of leveling up to ascend a fourth time. I am only at level 21 of 70 and I get the message “max special skill reached.” I can’t find any info on this message. If my hero is “maxed,” should I waste resources to level up and ascend? If my hero is “maxed,” do I continue to level up to reach the next ascension? Or am I really maxed and leveling in vain.

Hey Knis!

The “maxed” is referring to the Special Skill of your hero (of which there are 8 tiers, so it would be 8/8). Keep working on your hero to be fully levelled - for 5* it’s 4.80, for 4* it would be 4.70. That ensures you’ve got the highest attack, defense and health points possible.

Does that clear it up? Let me know.


THANK YOU ROCK! I had no idea.

Please notice that with version 18, the odds of bumping the special of a “stuck” hero have quintupled. Make sure you update before working on improving the special!

How do you update to version 18? I’m using my phone to play game and i don’t see an update is available.

Banzai Bandit

They’re “rolling it out.” We’ve gotten no firm time estimate from SG of when it will be available in different countries, for Android or iPhone.

Thank you for the speedy response… :smile:

Banzai Bandit

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