Special skill leveling post max level

With full awareness of it ultimately coming down to chance, has anyone had that one hero that just cannot level up its special skill? I have a Hawkmoon that cannot get past 5/8 at 50 lvl. I have burned easily a hundred 2*,1* and even another Hawkmoon on her, and while two of my other 3* max heroes I was able to reach full 8/8 skill after reaching Max level, she is just refusing to budge despite every leveling attempt having a minimum of 22% chance. Can I get new dice for her? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been slowly leveling a few 3* for Challenge events and am wondering how I ever got my original 3* to max skill. 20% and 40% skill upgrade chances… “Special Skill did not Improve” Doh!

Always fun when you blow a 40% and get nothing, then level up on a 4% or somethign silly.

Which is what makes it all the more frustrating! I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it happen, so why does this one hero refuse to budge :cry:

We all feel your pain. Other than saving cards from like a TC13 and TC20 to get 100% guaranteed it is all luck.

My Gunnar went to max with 3/8. 3!!! sobs


I just tried to level up 7 chatacters with 6 at 50% and 1 at 75%. None of them leveled up their special skill. The percentage isn’t accurate and needs to be fixed to represent actual percentage.

The percentages are over 2 months old. Did you search for an up to date thread on this topic? (I’m not sure I’ve seen one) :wink:

I did not search for an up to date post.

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