Special Skill level- 3/8 3* 3.50 hero not cool

It really sux to spend so much time and E&P resourses leveling and Acending a hero all the way to the max and their special skill doesn’t reflect your hero hard work and invested time. I have two three star heros, 1 Blythe fully acended and leveled to the max and her special skill only reached 3 out of 8, Tyum, again fully acended and leveled to the max, special skill 6 out of 8. COME ON MAN, REALLY!?!?!


How are you levelling them? 10 heroes at the time same color is the way to do it :slight_smile:. Most of my heroes are 8/8 but I still have some that just are… reluctant. Yes, I’m looking at you 3.50 4/8 Hawkmoon :disappointed:


Can you post screenshot of fully maxed 3/8 hero? That would be incredible badluck


I don’t even know how you managed you do that honestly…

That is kind of the point, the game should have handled this correctly. A fully ascended hero should have all of it fully ascended. Not like you can go back and fix it from what I’ve seen.

IMO, this is a bug and SG should automatically fix any fully ascended hero to have the special at max when the hero is maxed. What is the point of having a x/x if you have no way of reaching it after the hero is maxed out?


It’s no 3/8… but comes close! And mind you, 10 red heroes I fed her. This is the thanks I got :joy:


If your special is not max, you can still feed it heroes and try to get the skill maxed :open_mouth:


ah I see, seems like a lot of feeding for a gamble, for a 3 star…seems hardly worth it.


agreed. I have Berden sitting at 7/8 and don’t want to feed him more. He is the only 3* i have left maxed but I will be doing some more one day.

I fed them all before AW and still trying to catch up. haha

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Indeed… my Hawkmoon stays 4/8 for now. Maybe she will become a collectors item in the future :joy:

Yeah same here… I dont get it…

Lvl-ed to 50 Brienne. Special skill 6. Throw in around 10* 10 green heroes in it and still only 6. Same with Berden. SS at 6. Threw maybe 5* 10 green heroes… nothing…

I had Hawkmoon same, but somehow at least after 2-3* 10 heroes it went up…

I guess Green 3* are just not meant for full SS…

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If you feed them 1 at a time you have a better chance of leveling up their specials after they have been maxed out.

Such has been the case for me

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I would concur with this. I used to do 10 at a time. I read somewhere 1 at a time is better because there could possibly be more than 1 special increase in the 10 you feed. So now I just feed when they come in. Always make sure you feed the same color. I always have 1 of each color going at the same time so it is easier.

I’ve just levelled Boril and Rigard to 3’60 and both hit max way before i was finished.

I don’t have any strategy other than to feed them whatever is available, except for colour matching when possible.

It varies by hero, some do, some don’t max special skill before fully leveled

A 3* hero is yes can be I have few full maxed and 5/8
Only 4* heros and 5* can’t be cauae they need tons of feeders so withing their max levels tgey must be 8/8
But 3* doesn’t need much to get up using multy color feeders, and a newbie F2P wont have the luxury of feeding each hero color with same color food !

Learn from my mistakes: do NOT use Trainer Heros on Heros who don’t already have maxed special attacks.
Having said that, there really should be a vastly increased chance to increase Special after hero is fully leveled. Please…

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The chances of increasing special skill are displayed in game. This is part of the rules of the game. Learning to interpret the rules and maximize chances is what makes people better/worse at the game. Without things like this, the game is just an exercise in button mashing. There are precious few strategic elements in this game. I prefer not to eliminate them.

Best chance of leveling 3* specials is to feed 10X1* same color feeder heroes at a time. I won’t go through the math here as you can find it elsewhere on the forums.

If you are feeding off color heroes or trainer heroes to your 3*, you are significantly diminishing chances of maxing special before maxing level.

If you are feeding 2/3* feeders to your 3* heroes (even on color), you are slightly decreasing chances of maxing special before level.

If you are feeding 1 1* at a time you are decreasing chances of maxing special before maxing level, but only to a vanishingly small degree (basic idea here is that, yes you have a chance at multiple level ups when feeding 1 at a time, this is overcome by the higher chance of ending up with no upgrades after 10 fed heroes. It would exactly even out if you could level a special an unlimited number of times, but since you can only level up the special 7 times it tips the scale towards 10 at a time.)

Regardless of following the best practice, it is still possible to fully level a 3* hero without maxing the special. In fact over time it is highly likely that at least one of your 3* heroes will end up in this position.

I have 19 fully leveled 3* heroes, 18 have maxed specials (one 6/8). 2 or 3 required some additional feeding to max specials after they were fully leveled.

I have more but you got the point for sure

If you’ve been using off color or trainer heroes to level these, then I’m not surprised.

If you’ve been feeding only 1* same color heroes, you have been massively unlucky and I feel for you.

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