Special skill Defense down vs regular defense down

So does regular defense down cover both special skills and tile damage while special skill defense down is only for special skills???

Or there some other formula explaining how they interact with another?

Defense down will impact normal and special attacks. Defense down against special (like Mist) is the opposite of Glenda’s buff. Think about it as just an addition or subtraction to the % damage of the special skill.

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Yes, you have it correct. In terms of how they interact, since they’re different effects, they can stack. With both going, tile damage is calculated only with the regular defense down, while a special skill attack benefits from regular and special skill defense down.

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Yes there is somewhere on this forum, use the search function! I don´t remember exactly, how it goes, maybe something like (1-x)(1-y)(1-z) etc.?

And yes they do interact meaning stack on top of each other and so do Elemental defense down and defense down stacks (lol stacks stack with non-stacks!). The only things defs haven´t invented yet (AFAIK) is tile-only def down. which is a bit strange because they have invented it on the attack-up side, making those heroes the most important titan heroes… I bet tile-def-downers would be just as coveted, but I digress.

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it kind of is a bit strange but also understandable. they made normal attack up exclusively for tiles in part because of titans and in part because, iirc, Tarlak was the first as a compromise against Wu Kong: still a big attack boost, but not as big and only affecting “normal attack” without the miss chance.

i don’t think they’d create the same concept for defense down because it would be way too powerful. as is, titan teams are already constructed to melt daily titans, and Mythic Titan scores are increasing at a near exponential rate over each previous Mythic.