Special skill charged by misandra not changing countdown to special

I wish I took a video, but here’s the context.

Raid against alby, misandra, and a few others.

Alby’s special not full prior to misandra’s hit charging it, so shows 2 turns left before next slash attack. Misandra’s special then goes off, fully charging alby, who is sitting in left wing position.

However, instead of the visual showing “S” for the special to go off next, it’s a 1. The bar is still full, and looks like will go off the next turn, which it does.

So short story - mechanics occurring as expected, but the visual countdown for what happens next turn was incorrect.

I’m pretty sure I saw it happen with Neith in the same battle as well.

Anyone else encounter this? If so, I can try to recreate with some photos.

Let me know!

The little timer is a coint-down to the enemy her using a slash attack. (I.e. a normal hitting you)

What I am guessing happened is:

  • Alberichs mana didn’t FULLY charge.
  • Little number described was the slash attack timer & went off as normal
  • Alberich fired a normal slash attack not his revive special.
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Ok - I think these photos show what’s going on - the first ones were taken right after misandra fired her special. You can see Liana fully charged, but with a little 2. She then fires and kills vela.

Does that make sense?

Edit - looks like photos out of order. Second photo is the “after”. Third shows the shot happening.

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Ok I think I see what you’re saying now :slight_smile:

It appears to be a small visual bug rather than a functionality bug.

As you said, the first SS shows mana bar (what looks to be full). The second one (which is actually 3rd in order) shows Lianna firing her special skill (evidenced by the words “Perfect Shot” above her head).

The third SS shows the aftermath & captures the “slash-attack” of white rabbit.

@Petri & @KiraSG, one to pass along to the Devs?

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Definitely strange? It a visual bug alright, and a weird one too. Good catch!

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Thanks folks!

I also tried to get it to activate with misandra in left flank, but when she filled others’ SS they fired that turn, so no visual bug. Haven’t tried with other similar specials - curious if anyone can recreate with Grimble or someone.

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