Special Skill Animations and Titans

Some things that have irked me, but has increased since Atlantis release are problems and inconsistencies with Special Skill animations and Titan Fights.

The first is the special skill cast times of the titans and hero’s. Some take longer than others and freeze player action (in case of the Titan cast) till the animation is completed. However, the clock keeps ticking.

I can see this as a feature and yet another challenge but then Heros like Wilbur were released which caused the other issue to be worse.

I LOVE Wilbur’s animation and I think it’s the best in the game. However, when fighting titans, the animation becomes a pain because I can’t see the board. I have learned to plan my moves before hitting his skills but even that has caused me to make the wrong move (and losing a diamond) due to the obstructed view.

There are a few ways I could see this made better

  1. Have the clock pause when skills are activated. This would remove all issues.

  2. Have a short delay or pause in the clock to at least even out the skill animations some.

  3. Create an option in settings to disable skill animations. This would at least help with the obstruction issue.

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