Special Rule for next Raid Tourney?

I searched around to see if the next special rule was released yet, and couldnt find it posted. Are we just waiting until the tourney starts in 15 hours?

I think so

20 characters of waiting…



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Yeah, 'cause isn’t it just prep time in 15 hrs?

OK. 3star buff battle. Thoughts on who you are going to run as OFF and DEF??

Check this post for lots of discussion about which teams to use :slight_smile:


Fed most of my 3’s. Looks like I’m skipping this one

Thanks @Starlynk!

I’m going to just close this thread, since the premise of the thread was to ask what the next Special Rule was going to be, and we know now:

@RudoDewbie Feel free to discuss offense/defense teams in that thread, and if you want a more detailed conversation, you can create a new thread in Gameplay Help & Tactics to ask for personal advice in your own thread. :slight_smile:

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