Special refuses to level up - whats the worst you have seen?

Only 4 levels away from max and still 7/8 lol


I fed my 5* Isarnia only with 2* blue heroes (by 10 of course) and her special was 2/8 at 2-1. As for 4*, Scarlett was 2/8 at ~2-30, also fed by 10 2* red heroes only.
The best eater was 5* Grazul, with 5/8 special at 2-1 lvl, same strategy.

Leveling right now. 3.35 and 3/8 special! All purple feeders until I just said **** it and threw whatever I had. It was greens and reds and after that 10 pack his special went up! The stupid randomness of this game never ceases to amaze me!

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Hey guys, I am encountering the same problem to fully level the special up. I think we gonna see a lot of costumes here too :rofl:




My Gunnar costume is the same. ⅜ at 3/1, only leveling up with each ascension!

Sometimes it’s the other way around… this was the fastest 8/8 for me so far…


My Joon is making up for my Isarnia’s poor special leveling too!

⅞ before first ascension!


The costume 3 stars are the worst! My Bane costume is maxed level but only 3/8


My Vivica was 2-31 2/8 using only yellow feeders but quickly corrected to 2-60 7/8 aka 3-1 8/8.

I only worry about 4 or 5 *'s that I don’t have all the ascension items to fully level them and can’t take advantage of 10%/20% per feeder.

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Just managed my worst yesterday.

I only fed on-color 1 stars, so doing a quick back of the envelope calculation I believe I put in 278 feeders and experienced an ~0.36% event. I didn’t count after that (because really, what’s the point), but I put in another 12-20 before I finally got a level up. Still sitting at only 4/10 and eating all the purple 1 stars I receive.

Still, probably not the most unlucky I’ve ever been, since I once lost a game of backgammon in which I twice beavered, moved a rolling prime forwards successfully several times, put two of my opponent’s pieces on the bar, and somehow lost. If you actually understand that sentence you should be appalled at the almost literal impossibility of that.

Here my Carven

He reached 3.50 with only a 3/8 ability. I fed the bast@rd with only greens however he didnt upgrade the ability .

After reaching 3.50 i burnt close to 50 feeders (1*) star to only reach 6/8.

This only intensify with the costume. Its at 4.1 and the ability the same 3/8 and not signal of upgrading any soon.

On the other hand my second bjorn was all a good boy . He reached 8/8 before reaching 3.50 (i think it was at 3.2x).

Any strategy you follow ?


Sorry i created the thread , i should search for it .

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I just had my hawkmoon costume maxed and sitting at 3/8. Mainly because I maxed her costume by feeding costumes.

I had to bite the bullet and fed her the heroes to raise her to 8/8.

You just have to look to see what percentage chance it is to raise as you feed them, and make sure it is at 100%. It is better to use a couple extra 2*s and get 100% chance than to try to get it to increase the special at 80%, or even 85%.

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I just realized the situation I just shared only happens after the hero is maxed. After the hero is maxed, if the special is not maxed yet, the percentage chances jumps up for each feeder if you have to keep feeding him/her to get the special maxed.

You can make it a “Special level up chance: 100%” in this situation.

That’s correct. And when you lvl up with same colors, it will give 10% with 1* and 20% with 2*. It’s much easier after hero is maxed.

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I have some stories.

My 3rd Rudolph was maxed with his special being level 4.

Nordri was maxed with special at level 6.

I own Nashgar for ages and he’s still at level 5. I’ve used him for a bit while I was baby account but soon got Kelile and forgot about him. We had not that higher % when the hero is maxed back in time. I’ve never worked on him again neither had courage to feed him away. He’s a piece of my past. We didn’t had wars too so I didn’t needed another Red.

My costume Tiburtus. Costumes were faster to level back in the days and I’ve maxed it while the special was still level 6 or 5.

Never had trouble with 5*s, they need to be fed so many times that they end up leveling those skills without that many effort on it

Working on Sonya at the moment. Ascended to 3, skill is 3. always fed her 10 1*/2* and 2*/3* trainers. While Wilbur was 8 on skill at the second ascension. Let me guess, RNG too, huh?
These things combined with the tiles at the start of a raid/alliance war/tournament and the ridiculous amount of money you have to spend to get a 5* and then not being able to ascend him because materials don’t drop make a really nice cake with cherry on top.

Here is an update:

I took Rigard to tier 4, gave him some feeders and there was 39% chance that his special skill would be increased. But no…

He is at 4-12 and he didn’t increase his special skill a single time (apart from the ascensions).

I think I win the “what’s the worst you have seen” competition :smiley:

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