Special refuses to level up - whats the worst you have seen?

This is my most stubborn 4-star so far (4/57)…

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@Grumpigamer, just like you excactly…
This is my 1st time ever. doing feed 1x *1 blue only one at a times. :open_mouth:
But nevermind, *3 heroes has no unfarmable wall, so we can just skillup with 100% chance.
But from 3 to 8/8… well the most expensive feeder :man_facepalming: RNG is RNG!

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I just finished max’ing Bauchan, only fed him red all the way up, he got to 3/50 and special was 3/8. He only leveled his special on ascensions. Near the end I was actually rooting for the special NOT to level because I’ve never had that happen before.

For my Bauchan, last week already 7/8 at 2.36 (so guaranteed 8/8 at 3.01). Now he is maxed 3.50.
Only Ulmer, my 1st time ever 3/8, so skill up only from ascensions just like your bauchan case.

So back to the summary: RNG is RNG.

I’ve been leveling up my Isarnia, one level at a time, in hopes she will get lucky. ok yeah so the % chance is lower, but more instances yeah?

nope. 1/49 now and still at special level 1. come on. i did the same to Domitia recently and she reached 4/8 at 1/50! and is now maxed at 2/35!

come on ice queen! don’t be a glacier…

I had problems with this guy.
I had him only on 3/8 when I had maxed his level/ascension.
I then was feeding him stuff to get “70%” chance of the special increasing, a lot of times even this didn’t help lol. Eventually, I think for the final 3, I had to give it to 100% so it was a guaranteed level up.


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No worries, I haven’t heard of a 5* hero without maxed special yet, so I’m pretty sure Sarni will have her special maxed before she’ll reach 3/70. Funnily enough, Sarni had her special maxed at 2/1 for me. But I remember struggling with Lianna.

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I FINALLY got my Jack O Hare to 8/8 when at 4-56. Took wayyyyyy too long for that last one :sob:

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Just had my worst after 2 years. My third Valeria hit 8/8 on 4/68. Crazy.

Normally most of mine are 8/8 by t2 or early t3.

My worst so far… not counting 3*, that is…

He’ll probably be 8/8 by 4/80 anyway…

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I think I posted this already and I don’t have a SS but my worst was Gormek. I fed him ALL reds and he didn’t budge. He only went up at each tier. At 4.1 he was only 4/8. I finally gave up and fed him all colors. It took until 4.50 until he finally went up to 8/8. MAybe that is why he is Gormek “the hungry”…LOL


thanks, you’re right. Finally got Isarnia’s special maxed at 3/5, after a streak of lucky special level-ups in the last levels of 2nd ascension!

Already had 2 rares maxed with special @3

None of my epics and legends ever ended up without a maxed special, even if it wasn’t maxed before their last ascension. Most of them have their special maxed way before the last ascension.

For me it’s this merry fellow. Triton, why oh why you refuse to raise your skill?

My prayers have been answered !!!


My blood pressure is down to normal levels :rofl:


My Bauchan got to 3/50 and 3/8… only leveled on the ascensions, and he was only fed red heroes the whole way.

I hate levelling 3* heroes.

Baltazar 3/48 @ 4/8
Gill-Ra 3/44 @ 4/8
Gan Ju 3/46 @ 5/8
Hisan 1/29 @ 1/8

I fed 10 on-color 1* or 2* each time. Feel like letting them rot at where they are as punishment.

Any suggestions guys ?

What I did is 1* on-color one at a times not 10, and it does for me 95% (almost all heroes, except Ulmer) 8/8 before max. But still, it is RNG!

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Thank you. I should try that.

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