Special refuses to level up - whats the worst you have seen?

Is this a bad time for me to say… that lately, I’ve been feeding 5-at-a-time same color? :wink: Because, screw extremes, that’s why!


More variability usually works out in my favor. 9 times out of 10, my luck is horrible, so if I only make 10 attempts, I’m only lucky 1 time. Whereas if I do 100 attempts, I’m lucky 10 times. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, but it makes a slight difference to my overall morale if I win more than once. :grin:

In homage to RNGesus I use random numbers of feeders every time.

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I have my Anzogh, Seshat and Poseidon before 2.60 skill at 8/8, with only feed 1x at a time *1 on-color. And all *4 heroes skill 8/8 before 3.60.

About RNG and debate between 1x at a times and 10x at a times there are old thread (you can search).

In my opinion, I guess, there are 2 factor.

  1. Which is the hero is stuburn
  2. Our account is not lucky for 10x at a times, so switch other method (1x at a times)

EDIT: this advice only applied for focusing skill to max 8/8, so after skill max 8/8, make sure we feed as many as we can, and stop if near to next level. EX.: if we feed 2x gain next level just give 1x, so next batch 10x will be less food cost.

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There is a slight advantage to feeding 1 at a time. I’ve never had a 5 star fail to level up to 8/8 no matter the approach to feeding. 3stars are different - I’ve had a few 4/8 at 3/50

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10x purple 1* and 2* at a time. My Sabina was at 4th ascension with only 6/8.

But sometimes, the RNG is so good that my best was Elena which was at 8/8 while at 2nd ascension.

So don’t worry, just keep giving your Seshat 10x purple feeders at a time, she will max out in no time.

on the flip side, the BEST I have had is a 4* being at 5/8 at level 2/1.

I want to point that there is a huge food savings by leveling up 10 at a time, as long as your batch of feeders stop just before your hero levels up. This is due to the fact that the cost in food per feeder increases at each level of the hero.
So if you start your batch of 10 with your hero just shy of experience to go up a level (like 820/829 experience) the entire 10 feeders cost the price of food per feeder of the level stared on. So I always do batches of 10 until I am close to a level, then I stop just short of that, so that batch might be 9 or 8, then do another 10 getting as much experience into the next few levels as possible at the lower cost.
I think that this method would save A LOT of food over the course of leveling a bunch of heroes to max, and since everyone is always food starved, it does make a difference.
Does anyone see a flaw in this method?

For reference, the charts that indicate how much food per feeder per hero level was found at food calculator
Also, this chart is a good reference for xp per level per hero

If I recall correctly, I had one 4* hero reach special level 6 before first ascension. :open_mouth:
Fed them all same color 1* feeders 1 at a time.

As for being food starved… am I the only player in this game who has too much food? I’d gladly trade you a boatload of hams for some more iron!

Unfortunately, I was thinking about this again on my drive home from Target and was pondering the difference in variance and how it would affect decision making, whether to choose 10 feeds or 1 feeds.

It’s like, would you rather have a 100% win lottery ticket or two 50% win lottery tickets, assuming it’s possible to win two jackpots?

I’m sorry, I might not be as smart as you two, but this is a total false equivalency. Once my heroes reach max XP but not max special, I always stack feeders up to 100%. I would take one guaranteed 100% even over two chances at 99%.

It’s analogous to one 20% vs ten 2%

Wait now, you were the one who said that 10 x 2% does not equal 20%. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that 5 x 20% does not equal 100%. :grin:

There is no 100% for leveling the special. The analogy is more having one ticket with 20% chance at one prize vs 10 tickets with 2% chance each at ten prizes.

Edit: sorry there are two 100% chances, one is feeding 4 of same hero to level (4x 25% is 100%). The other is feeding one of same hero when maxed.

Ok. Then which would you choose and why?

There is a 100% chance for leveling the special skill. Get a hero to max XP, feed them either 1 twin, 5 2* of the same color or 10 1* of the same color.

Which would I choose? 100%, because 100% is an absolute. Anything less than 100% has a margin for error.

My entirely nonscientific observations (with possible confirmation bias) tell me it works slightly better for me feeding 10x. However, I generally just feed however many I pull from TC11 or TC19 (depending what I’m running) so could be 1x or 3x or 7x, and it all seems to work out the same in the end.

I pretty much agree with this, it seems like the specials will level up only when they want to level up, regardless of whether you feed 1 at a time or 10 at a time. I prefer 1 at a time so I don’t possibly miss out on potential additional chances. I’m more disappointed when I lose on a 20% roll; doing only 2% rolls, my expectations are already low.

I remember one time I had a hero, max XP but not max special… I wanted to max the special, but I only had enough feeders to get them to 90%. That’s close enough, I thought, so I went for it.

Special skill did not improve.


Yeah. No. Never again.

One time I had enough to get a 4* to around 50% chance, and it also put him to 2-60 with one 1* hero left. So I got no increase from the 50%, but I did from ascending and again from the 2% from that last hero.

My view regarding this is, although those maths were correct, but some of the conclusions were logically incorrect .

The chance of leveling up special is per time or say per action and it’s not cumulative.
If you combine 10 x 1* heroes of the same color to level up the hero it gives you 20% chance per time of raising the hero’s special by +1
Also if you feed 1* hero per time, the chance available is just 2%. Agreed you can feed those 1* heroes one by one for 10 times, each time the chance is 2% and not more.
RNG has its role, but look at one time 10 (1*) feeders as a 20% chance token and one time 1* feeder as 2* token. For the expectation to be logically correct, you must compare them on equal number of action or say occurrence I.e 10 of 20 % chance token and 10 of 2 % chance tokens.
Anyway, whichever the argument supported mathematically or otherwise, practically I have maxed special skills of about 52 heroes till date ( small sample though), 19 of them are 5* the rest are 4*, all by feeding 10x 1* of the same color per time, my unique observation is, all the 5* stars attained special skills 8/8 before 2/60 and all 4* reach ss 8/8 on or before 3//60. Now this has become my target when leveling heroes, to get the special maxed at those stated points becomes my priority.

However, I am just starting to verify the other option of feeding 1 x1* per time (10 times) on my alt account (purely ftp), now I have Obakan at 2/10 and the special is just 2/8, was able to only get the +1 after the toggle point 1/50. Not enough to draw any difference.

May be RNG. But I would prefer to stick with 10 feeder per time, it appeared faster imo.