Special quest during Atlantis

When you’re going through season 2, it’s easy to gather Atlantis coins. But afterwards, they’re pretty much nonexistent. I was wondering, if it was possible to make a quest for Atlantis coins during the Atlantis window but only for those who already completed all of the stages on both difficulties.

I know we get the seadragons, but that’s for everyone and so rare it’s unlikely to produce much. I’d like something that even those who already completed the season can enjoy.

How could be fair for one million players didn’t finish S2? Besides, all players in the world are upset for AR reduction and this idea will actually reduce even more the farming time. I honestly don’t think you’ll get even 1 vote :wink:

Well, they will finish eventually. It’s a reward/compensation for reaching the end and having nothing to do. It’s like being able to start quests only once you reach level 10.

And I’m afraid I don’t understand the rest of whar you’re saying

AR reduction = Atlantis Rise was reduced with 1 day since last month.

Thanks for explaining. There are way too many abbreviations in this world to keep track.

I didn’t know about the reduction. In that case I agree that this is not such a good idea

You can find most of them in the Fictionary.

And I’m with @Scarecrow on this one, in terms of no more clashes with AR.

An Atlantis coin quest isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it should be any time but Atlantis Rises.


You can still get Atlantis Coins during Atlantis rises, it’s just random now, where before it was assured (3 for normal, 5 for hard). When you see a fancy sea dragon, it will drop coins. Plus loot is expanded, so there is more reason to farm during Atlantis Rises. I think there is plenty to do after completing Season 2.

Now, if you’re looking for an additional storyline, you probably won’t get much support, because most people aren’t here for the story.

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Lol you stand corrected :joy::joy::joy:


Added my vote too, but I’m with @JonahTheBard that it should be anytime except during Atlantis Rises, and that it should also just be available to everyone.


There’s a storyline?

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We’ve been over this before, Rigs, it’s a reimagination of the neo-liberal interpretation of western colonial history with a distinctly Scandinavian ironic emphasis on capitalism and framed as a love triangle.

You know, like Harry Potter but with micro transactions.


Idk anything about Harry potter lol, I’m laughing but not kidding


Considering that you a really strong team to beat S2 it is unfair, at least most of the quests are available for most people since reaching level 10 is not hard

I always taught it was Pocahontas meets Pirates of Caribbean then Tarzan with a sudden twist of Chinese/Japanese mythology and a Little Mermaid ending. :rofl:


I think this is a great idea. Atlantis Rises has gotten really pointless lately as there’s nothing I really want to farm. At this point, it’s just another annoying popup. However, a special quest could make it something to look forward to. The plot could be based on a new threat to atlantis and could see the return of all of the season 2 heroes. It could have 10 stages and an Atlantis Coin drop equal to that of the Tavern of Legends. If the WE costs were reasonably low, it might not interfere with farming.


Easiest thing would be adding a few coins to the Atlantis Avatar missions or adding a few more missions

These are open to everyone, just have to grind them in order

So you’ll get the fishing grub avatar if you want it if not :slight_smile:

Good break from grinding out the Sweet aged rhino avatar in S3 for 900WE :joy:

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Maybe open the quest to players who have completed hard mode.

Currently only the top players even give it any thought since the rewards for completing hard mode is trash.

All 4* ascension items is trash?

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