Special Purchases – around closer to 15th or End of Month

Never Mind… too many busy bodies and mods don’t help

I’m confused. Are you thinking special offers should be offered during the middle of the month or the end of the month because of pay periods for most people? I dunno. Middle of the month and first of the month are when most of my bills are due including my rent. I’d probably spend less on the game in that situation.

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I’m Military, I get paid twice a month, the little bit I can spend on the really Necessary Items, I only have at those times.

A LOT of people get paid twice a month, and all my battles complain about the same thing.

The specials come in-between paydays, when we’re broke. Lol


Don’t take this wrong, but if you’re broke within a week of getting paid, you may be better off not spending at all. I’d hate to see anyone get into trouble because of gacha

I totally get it. I get paid every two weeks, which basically amounts to twice a month. It’s just a matter of proper budgeting. Knowing your limits.

And thank you for your service.

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Mind your own business

Closing per request of OP via flag.

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