Special powers

Has anyone else noticed zero percent special power up since the update??? Multiple people including myself haven’t had any heroes special rise in days. Please help!

Check this out…

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No. Its random and percentages are shown. Youre just on a bad streak

My whole alliance is on a bad streak, have you had any success since update?

Yes my Sabina just jumped when I had 8% chance. I don‘t think that its about the coding

Appreciate that. I’m no newb, I’ve never gone 1 day without some hero increasing, let alone 3. So when I brought it up in alliance chat and found NO ONE had a success… It kind of set off an alarm.

I’ll just keep pushing maxed special heroes for awhile anyway. I was just trying to improve depth

My Little John gone up fron 6/8 to 8/8 today so … think it luck of the lvl

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Yeah, after i posted everyone started moving again. Coincidence? Probably.

Not moving again. O for last 50 attempts 2 for last 120. Beating the odds in the wrong direction

Another day for no special increase, something is wrong.

You sound so salty. Maybe take a break :wink:

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