Special Power Meaning (Implement Visual Graphic on Counterattack)

I was wondering why my heroes were losing HP every time they would hit the opposition then after losing a few times I looked up Elena and noticed she and nearby heroes “counterattack with 125% of the damaged recieved for 5 turns”. When I read that understandably it came across that she and nearby heroes attacked with 125% not my heroes attacking and the damage being deflected back.
It should be changed to something like 'The caster and nearby heroes deflect 125% of the damaged received for five turns as that is what’s really happening and hard to notice when concentrating on the battle.


Counterattack is the right word. Elena takes damage from the attack and then attacks in response.


Damage reflect, and counterattack are separate things.

This is saying that 125% of damage received is sent back or reflected.
not that the character uses thier own attack stats at 125% in a counterattack

As said above, counterattack is the right word, since she takes damage and returns it back with 25% increase.

DEFLECT is what rare titans and some enemies in challenge events do, they DON’T take any damage, just deflect it back.


I disagree.

Counterattack is the wrong word. Damage reflect is more appropriate to what is really happening.

I was more like expecting something visible thrown at my heroes.

A visible graphic on the return damage would be much more intuitive and is a great suggestion! :slight_smile:

If you don’t realize that Elena and her neighbors are going to hit you back, and you start throwing tiles or specials at them, it’s too late to fix it after they counter and kill your heroes. All of those little icons on heroes mean something, and it will greatly improve your experience if you learn what they mean and how they behave. Other than experience, the link above is the next best place to learn.

Ugh, it’s bad enough watching ten minions whack away for 7 damage apiece. If a hero responds to every tile and special hitting them, it’s going to induce seizures.


For sure! The method of implementation simply could show some kind of return damage once per turn, to indicate visually that your heroes are hurting.

I can hear in your response that you would prefer to have instant calculations with zero graphic responses (minions) slowing you down.

However, I vote for making the game as intuitive as possible. If that slows me down a bit, then so be it.

That should already be happening. I just reviewed an old raid, and it worked when I was attacked and Cyprian had Perfect Riposte up. Atomos hit everyone, and damage showed up on my three shielded heroes. In addition, the word “COUNTER-ATTACK” shows up over my heros, and then the damage amounts show up over Atomos. I would verify it on offense, too, but I have no riposte heroes in my revenge log, and I’ve only got one raid flag at the moment.


We need a counter attack or relect defense buff skill. No disenchantment available is painful otherwise… :slight_smile:

forgetting something? titan fights are already too short and titan special animation takes too long, to add more animations will impact directly on damage dealt to titans.

Man, is it THAT dificult to just see what happens and learn what those icons mean?

Also, we have this forum to share information in order for all of us to know more and play better!!!

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