Special power leveling


There seems to be problem with leveling up the special power for heroes. As example the below hero has had over a 120 levels and the only time hes ever received special powers, was during ascension.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?


I don’t know about Little John, but I had Special lvling issues with Gunnar (card maxed, and his Special was only 3/8).

I do know you can continue to feed a card AFTER its max to trigger a Special upgrade; I seem to have the best luck between 15-30%. Other players swear by other percentages. You’ll have to find what works for you. :wink:


It’s not just little John, its all my heroes that I have been trying to
Also you can add special Howard levels have for you back stout the heroes
normal level.


It’s just RNG; and sometimes it’s streaky bad. AFAIK it’s not broken, just sometimes it’s rare.

On the flipside sometime’s it’s streaky good too: silly test account did a 2 fuse, got a skillup, then did a 1 fuse, got a skillup. Like FFS how when I’ve struggled with some cards previously haha.


Where? I don’t see that it’s a rare problem. Leveling up over 120 times and
never getting a special power level-up is obviously something wrong in my
I am sorry but I do not understand the abbreviations or terminology you


When you try to skill up, what are you feeding your hero card?

  • 10 x 1* cards, same color?
  • 10 x 2* cards, same color?
  • 10 mixed 1-2* cards, same color?
  • 10 mixed 1-2* cards, rainbow colors?
  • a trainer card?
  • a duplicate card?

Each of these options changes your Special percentage. I’ve heard of folks getting a skill up at 8% (hasn’t happened to me), and failing to get a skill up at 96% (hasn’t happened to me either).

These “feedings” are happening AFTER your card is at Max, if it’s a 3* card; if it’s a 4/5*, you must ascend until maxed, then same as 3*.

I’m not a patient feeder; I’d rather give 10 cards to an un-maxed Card than try over and over on a maxed one…but that’s the only way to skill up on a maxed card…


I feed it anywhere from 3 to 10 cards at a time. Sometimes it’s the same
color, sometimes different colors, and trainers too. 1 to 4 star.

Again my issue is have level this character over a 120th times without even
one ascension. That seems very odd to me.


As you have shared though, a 3 card attempt would be a very low chance. If each attempt is at a very low % chance then you are stacking the deck against yourself. While I have had one level on a 10% the majority of my hero leveling their special has happened at about 20% to 30%. This means 10 cards and not mixed colors nor all 1 star cards.


For the longest time, I superstitiously hit 24% all the time. I often went up. I don’t recommend 3-6% (3 cards)…


To answer the original question, I haven’t noticed any particularly bad luck lately, and I’ve gone through streaks like you are now before. I don’t believe that anything is broken/bugged, but I don’t really have any convincing proof that it isn’t. Just keep trying and hope for the best, or try focusing on another character for a while if you’ve got options. Come back to this one later.

On the subject of leveling strategies - if we assume that the percentages the game gives are accurate, (there are no bugs, devs aren’t being misleading, everything is truly random) it makes no difference if you feed characters in groups of 10, one at a time, or somewhere in between. Over time it will all balance out.

If I have ten 1* feeder heroes of the same color, I can feed them all at once and get a single roll with a 20% chance of success, an 80% chance of failure, and a 0% chance of more than one success.

If I do them one at a time I get ten rolls, each with a 2% chance of success. Doing all those rolls, there’s an 81.7% chance of getting nothing. ( 0.98 ^ 10 ) Which means that you only get a skill up 18.3% of the time. But 1.5% of the time you get two skill ups. 0.08% of the time (1 in 1,250) you actually get 3 skill ups.

Over a large enough sample size, the results from both methods should be equal. As with most random events, a single person can only ever see a tiny segment of the total data set, so you’ll probably never personally see a perfect distribution. But people love to look for patterns, so we notice that when I roll for my purple heroes on Thursdays I always have better results, or that using seven heroes seems to level me up more than using eight, or any other coincidence that we notice in our tiny segment of the data. If following your superstitions makes you feel like you’ve got a better chance at leveling up, by all means go for it. It certainly can’t hurt. But it can’t help either. :wink:

Feeding Heroes: One at a Time vs. Ten at Once

Just to put out there, I use a different strategy, I feed almost one-two heroes, I don’t wait for 10 at all, got one, I feed one. Doing that most of my heroes get 8/8 in the second ascension.

The whole strategy is throwing the dice a stupid amount of times, each with 1-2% chance. It’s called the “Opportunity strategy”: “Another key aspect to computing probability is factoring in the number of opportunities for something to occur. The more opportunities there are, the more likely it is that an event will occur.”

So basically, you can go two ways: 1. go for a big % and have one chance for it to occur; 2. Go for a huge amount of tries with low chances.

Surprisingly (actually it’s a mathematical logic thing), 2 can be a lot more profitable, since you have more opportunity to have luck. But at same time if you have a streak of bad luck, you may get completely stuck. In fact my Thorne is almost max lvl and still 5/8, worst luck ever. The other ones were all 8/8 by the max lvl of the second ascension.

Ps: I should have read the whole thing first, Traevon talked about that too. XD


Wanted to chime in and say that I have Little John and I got his skill maxed out between the second and third ascensions; it was just dumb luck. Another 4* I got at the same time is sitting at 5/8.


Samething is happening to me I contacted support all they told me , you’re just very unlucky… WT…