Special place in defense team?

I want to know if there is a preferantial place in the team for the color or special heros… who in the corner? Who in the middld…etc…
Many thanks

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Hi Joelf,

In my experience, the order of your heroes should be decided based on the special skill, level, survivability, and then finally color of your heroes. There are so many options depending on your specific heroes, but here are a couple tricks that I have found to work for me.

  • Heroes with a counterattack special, such as Boril, Cyprian, or Elena work extremely well in the center position.
  • I would avoid putting a healer in the 1 or 5 spots. I have found that if a healer is on the edge, you can easily save them for last when raiding and they make an easy kill. Instead, I would try and place your healer in the 2 or 4.
  • I put my big hitters with lower defense (Lianna, Grimm, etc.) in the 1 or 5 spots.
  • As you gain heroes and develop your team, check the leaderboard teams to look for patterns of who the best players around are using in which positions. They will be all 5 star heroes, but pay more attention to the skill sets of the heroes they are using. You can learn a lot this way.

Like I said before, it is so specific to who you already have. If you let me know who you have for heroes, I can give you a much better opinion of who should go where. Just a thought, I hope this helps. Good luck!


Great. Many thanks.
My heros are.
Persee : 70/3
Caedmon : 60/4
Scarlett : 70/4
Chao : 45/4
Rigard : 60/3

With pkeasurd to read you from France


This is an art, not a science, but you might try:

Caedmon | Rigard | Perseus | Chao | Scarlett

My thinking is driven in part by another point that @Tallman omitted, which is that the AI fires specials left to right (if there are multiple specials powered up).

I started with Perseus center, as he has good bulk and a nasty attack that you’d like to see fired often. I put Caedmon in #1 so that his special will fire first, clearing defense buffs (including Riposte) from your foe. Rigard next to clear status ailments (including blinding and stun). Then in #4 and #5 I’ve put your other two hitters, with squishy Scarlett hiding in #5.


I have
Zeline: 60/2
Grimm: 70/4
Rigard: 70/4
Gormek: 70/4
Kelile: 60/3
Skittleskull: 60/3
Sonya: 60/3
Chao: 60/3
Hu Tao: 60/3

My defence for alliance wars is at the moment
Chao | Grimm | Gormek | Rigard | Zeline
Should I change anyone?


Since defending heroes specials are powered up by opposing tile damage, having one of each color isn’t necessary. I’d substitute Sonya for Zeline until you can level her up to 3rd tier. Another fast debuffer would work IMO.

As for lineup order, I’d use Sonya, Chao, Gormek, Rigard, Grimm. Sonya removes opponent’s buffs, Chao reduces mana & delays a special, Gormek gets in damage & attack debuff, Rigard heals & scrubs status effects, then Grimm repeats the damage/attack debuff again.

I completely agree with @Kerridoc. Thank you for adding that tip. There are certainly a lot of things to take into consideration with building a defense/attack team. I also agree with the lineup that was given, I would do the same!

@Markgraf55 makes a great point about not having Zeline leveled up yet. I would definitely work to get her up to a higher tier. Once you have, I would switch her into the 1 spot and put Chao in the 5. Like @Kerridoc said above, the AI will fire the specials in order. Placing her in the 1 spot would allow Zeline to use her debuffing to remove counterattack, increased defense, etc. before other specials go off. Just my opinion though, best of luck to you!

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A big big thank you. Kiss

Totally off topic, but “kiss” means “urine” in swedish. Always makes me laugh haha!

Hi all,

i have a question too to set my Defence Team for alliance war.

My Chars:
Quintus Lv 70/3
Boril Lv 70/4
Colen Lv 70/4
Li Xiu Lv 70/4
Melendor Lv 70/4
Chao Lv 70/4
Kiril Lv 41/4
Rasselkopp Lv 70/4
Lianna Lv 60/2
Grimm Lv 60/3
Zyprian Lv 60/3
Gormek Lv 60/3

Can someone give me a good advice for settings with this chars for alliance war please?

My settings i do a this time for the defence as follow:

Kiril / Boril / Li Xiu / Colen / Melendor

I am not a expert always do by personal feeling :wink: May someone has a hint for me, please?

Best regards,


Rasselkopp is Skittleskull :slight_smile:
Maybe Boril in the center because his counterattack is there the most useful???
I myself would think about Quintus because 5* but I’m not good at such things.

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Hi MrMeeseeks,

Ty 4 quick reply. Lol Skittleskull 4 Rasselkopp :wink:

i dont know if Keril is strong enough 4 the defence so i set Boril left from him. if Keril get a hard kick and special from Boril is active, the attacker get a big hit back :wink:

But i am absolutley not sure which chars are best 4 defence.

Cheers - Lianna -

If it were me, I think that I would go with:

Melendor | Colen | Boril | Li Xiu | Quintus

As always, this is just my opinion. I may be misreading the usefulness of one of the other heroes. You have some great heroes though, enough for a good defense and attack team. Hope this helps!

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Hi Tallmann,

yes i am thankful 4 every good advice. Many TY

Cheers -Lianna-

My current defence team for alliance wars consists of
Sonya | Chao | Gormek | Rigard | Grimm
I have Zeline 60/3
Should I exchange anyone for her?
Sonya and Chao 60/3, rest maxed.

I would directly swap Chao for Zeline. Same spot.

Thought about the same, thanks :slight_smile: