Special offers are not equal opportunity?

I recently bought a new iPad and I decided to start a second game account. I am shocked at how the game creators discriminate against the lower level players. They are not offered the same special deals that the higher level players are offered. The recent Stardust offer is not available to my lower level account, but it is offered to my higher level account. So we all are not playing the game with equal advantages offered. Now I wonder how many special deals that my higher level account is missing out on because they are only offered to the elite players. Because people are lower level, you don’t want their money? And I also noticed when winning raids, the lower level players do not receive any recruits like the higher level players do. Why all of the discrimination towards the lower level players? Discrimination such as this should not be allowed in this game. Shame on you!

IIRC, new players also get offers that veteran players do not. I don’t know if they are better value or not though, I don’t remember what the prices were.

As for raids, you only get recruits from (I believe) raid tier gold and up. Bronze and silver raid tiers do not give recruits.


Think about what you are saying before you are quick to shame.

By doing this, not only would they be ENCOURAGING p2w, it would discourage new players. Enticing them with gems to buy shiny new heros which are worthless without mats, rather than build a roster and learn more about the game steadily, would cause more frustration that we already see even with veteran players = loss of players without a true understanding of the real game fundamental: patience.

In a business sense, they want investors in this game which makes complete sense. Long time players will invest more than a quick hit and run player who decides they dont like this game because they dont have time to wait and farm for mats.

Introducing the deals later on in player development is definitely better. I sure am glad I didnt fall into the trap of wasting money on heros early in the game, only to find you wont get the mats to ascend them over time.



I had a crap ton more deals when i first started and when i started a short lived f2p alt the other day i got a special offer almost immediately

And yes offers vary account to account

Some are game wide, some are aimed at certain player bases, and some are account specific

Devs have admitted this and it’s been known for over 2 yrs now

You’re not telling us anything new…

Search for “the giant offer” if you think you’ve found some new secret trick of the trade that no one else knows devs are doing

Basically you getting a special offer that another account doesnt get, isnt that much different than a casino sending you an email with a special offer they didnt send the guy sitting next to you

Or the promo codes you get from other sites or restaurants that others aren’t getting

Really not that big of a deal… It’s business

Another example is if you dont log into your account for i think 30 days (might be longer), you get a “back from the dead” offer that others logging in daily dont get. You can search it or try it to find out for yourself


I think it is when you hit platinum,you start seeing recruits.
I noticed it after hitting 1800 cups.
For the offers Rigs is right, not everyone get the same offers. It is possible that it depends on your spending history.
The forum is full of " my wife got × offer and i didn’t "
So don’t feel under privileged, just pick and choose the best deals for you.
I do.
Have fun.

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I play both accounts, and the lower level account is not getting any offers vs the higher level account which receives a bunch of offers. You would never know this unless you actually play the two accounts side by side. They obviously do not expect us to play more than one account, so they figure we would never know about the discrimination!

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Everyone has known for years. Seriously.

Little off topic but in the same vein…

Players that played in earlier Avalon events had increased chance to get event hero’s. Now you have better chance of catching Ebola than getting an event hero with a drop rate of 1%.


I am positive the devs are aware that many players play more than one account. With the level of information tied into what goes around the web these days (device ID info, google account, …) they probably also know which two accounts are the same player. In general, from what I’ve seen here, the second tends to be F2P or C2P, which may explain why they are targeting those accounts less for deals to spend.

I don’t get very many targeted deals myself, probably because I don’t spend and that is tracked in my account info.

I have an alternate account and my wife has an account, the offers change as levels do. In the beginning they have a “Beginner’s Bundle” or something. But if you are talking about the shop items, my main account has different offers than my alternate. No big deal, they eventually cycle around. All three accounts have different shop offers/summons.

They may not want to inundate new players with offers that are beyond their level of play.

…. and what exactly leads you to believe that I only have one account? :laughing:

Just because I haven’t openly admitted to having multiple accounts, doesn’t mean that I don’t…

My lawyer has advised me that I should stop typing now. :grin:

I find it most annoying that alliance members in the USA get better offers in the shop than I get in South Africa. We are similar levels and yet the offers are vastly different. This is divisive. SG must make the same offers to everyone as it causes tension. Another reason to intensely dislike SG.

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