Special Offer


Came back to my 2nd account after a month and a half ish of not playing and this special offer popped up. For those interested, i thought it was a really good deal that i wish i could buy on my account that sees some play. But alas they shall not get my $$$ (CND) this time. 39.99$ for 2800 gems 31% More, as a reference point.


As it named “Welcome Back”, I think it will be offered only to those who quit for a specific time.
Too bad, that offers like that are not for active players. I would buy it, the titan flask can be really helpful, 2500 Gems and TEN Token.

Hey Devs, please make something like that vor the active players and don’t forget those in europe :slight_smile:

And there is one thing, I always forget to ask: Why can’t we use the Epic Hero Token for the Elemental Summon?
I mean, both cost 300 Gems, so basically it makes no different.


Uh, this makes me wanna take a brake.


Holy donkey.
See ya guys.


This is frustrating. This is two ‘hell of a deal’ deals (that insane $3.99 one from before being the first) that appears to skip those who invest the time and money in the game. The $19.99 deals as of late are good deals, but this is another hell of a deal for people that aren’t active.

I’d pay $11.99 in a heartbeat for that and I am probably just as stuck as the next guy in this game :slight_smile: Instead, I can’t help SG generate revenue by not having access to this offer.


Have to agree, this does not seem fair. Should be a mirror offer “hey thanks for playing for 1.5 months”. Now I feel like not logging it, not paying, not playing for 3 months to see what sort of offer that will bring.


They need to bring this deal back.


That was only for people who never paid anything in the game.

Basically, if you give them nothing/leave them, you will get good stuff. If you are a loyal paying player, you will get ripped off :stuck_out_tongue:


That is just logic. They don’t need to stimulate people that already spend their money. They spend even without it.
They need something to encourage who doesn’t spend any. (or in this case, encourage to return active and have more chance to spend again)

I absolutely don’t say i like it. It piss me off too because i spend so much time on this game (and some money) and get nothing in return for my “loyalty”.
But i understand the logic behind it.


Logic is one thing, making loyal players feeling bad (angry, disappointed, cheated, any other negative feeling, take your pick) is another. It’s not the only game on the market - far from it. If it will start bringing people negative emotions, they will move on. Keeping the ‘hooked’ players happy should be just as important.

Healthy balance, you know. “Hey, welcome back, here’s a 10$ extra offer to entice you to stay this time” doesn’t stay in the way of “Hey, thanks for sticking with us for so long, here’s an 9$ equally good offer cause we appreciate your patronage and don’t want you gone”.


I absolutely agree with you that gives this chance on regular players ones in a while may only benefit the confidence that they have in the game, and even brings even more money to the producers (cause a happy customer spend happily more).
I don’t think they run away if you don’t do it, just because if you spend at least wanna benefit a little of your investiment.
But i do think that they gain more money this way.

They apparently don’t think the same.
It works just fine the way it is so… why change?


Because the novelty will off and frustrations/negative feelings will accumulate and it may be too late to recover the player confidence.

Devs want to make money, players want to feel good playing the game. Both can be done, but not at the cost of the other or the balance will break and things will go downhill. I wouldn’t want to see that happen, but reading what people say and seeing what I myself feel sometimes, I fear it may.

I like the game, that’s why I wrote up the whole post yesterday about possible incentives to keep playing. But when I see this sort of offer it leaves a distaste in my mouth and makes me feel bad for paying anything more here as I feel I’m being duped.

Pay more, because you pay. Stop paying to pay less for more. Eh? I can play logic game too :stuck_out_tongue:


I look at it this way - revenue is revenue, no matter who it comes from, no matter how long they have been playing, how long they haven’t, etc.

If I sit here not willing to pay full price for gems, but will pay for a deal like this, why exclude me? I will NOT in any circumstance buy gems outright. Way too expensive and the ROI is really luck based.

And why would you turn down money from people who do buy gems at full price? They’d buy this one as well. More revenue.

What does this cost SG to implement? Pennies to get $12 from me? It’s almost free money for them no matter who buys it!

I see where you can try and apply logic to get people back into the game and MAYBE spend more money, but with the number of walls in this game that slow progress, they’ll flame out again anyways once the luster wears off which is very much likely what happened the first time. And all us folks willing to pay for deals like this but don’t get them don’t spend money at all, thus, no revenue :slight_smile:


Only this deal won’t be offered to you unless you literally quit the game for a month or more. It’s not for the active stingy players. It’s for those who stopped playing altogether.


I know, I am voicing my support for your side and that there’s really no business reason to not make these deals widely available.


But in the way you’re putting it, deals like that would make the stingy players fork out a few bucks. And it wouldn’t stop the other spenders for spending anyway.

The upside would be that active players wouldn’t feel dicked for being active lol. Devs would probably still make more money from it.


I can only guess that they were hoping that we not figured out this offer.
When the gigantic offer question pop up and all regular player raged because of it, we can still think that it was an unfortunate choice and that it was not with bad intentions.
Now it’s really clear that it was not “unfortunate”, on opposites, that’s exactly their game politics.
Poor players get better offers, no doubt.

So, i’m not gonna shout something like “I’m never ever spend any other money on this game if they don’t give me 2000 gems for free!!”. Nope

I simply say that i don’t spend anymore because this way something good may happen to me.


Ellilea - I don’t follow what you are saying, but I will reiterate that if everyone was offered these deals, they would make more money, old, new, missing and back, you name it, they make more money and keep people interested. I’m struggling to see the long term upside to the selected targeting of offers. I know this offer is for people who have ghosted for a while, I am saying I think it should be offered to stingy people like me, and active players alike. Aren’t we all lobbying for fairness and equality in offers here?

Elpis - I am with you. And that behavior is exactly the potential fallout from these types of targeted offers.

PS - love this game, and that you don’t have to pay to win (it can just take forever :)) Just hoping we can get some insane deals like this once in a while for our investment of time, and in a lot of cases, money!


Ah, mayhaps I misunderstood what you said. I agree, I’m basically saying: make it equal or reward players who stick with your merchandise for longer instead of treating them worse than quitters/non paying customers. It will NOT pay off in the long run.


Yeah, active player should be rewarded, not they who quit.