Special Offer possible?

Hello SG,
Can you please put a community offer like “Valentine’s Day” within 2 to 3 days (before the expiration date). This offer could allow some alliance members to bail out the negative gem accounts of some of their teammates who no longer wish to invest money in the game. Thank you for your help!

that is a excellent idea

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Perhaps build it into a Black Friday sales offer.

So… charity for cheaters?

Or why would someone have negative gems?

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more like a way for SG to make money and for players to keep playing the game and to learn a valuable lesson. not to exploit bug

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I am opposed on saving cheaters… In fact i believe they shouldn’t even allowed to continue their game as their cheating effect every other player.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we got one around Thanksgiving, not sure if they would do it for the reasons outlined here.


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