Special offer for discounted VIP pass calendar

Hello dear people.
I’m just wondering if a calendar with special offers including discounted VIP pass exists. Does it appear im certain periods, or just random? And could someone share info on this matter.

And also, if there is a calendar or fixed dates for the special offer where you buy gems for yourself and also alliance members, please do share.

Thanks in advance.

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They do discount vip offers there could be one soon with Halloween theme :slight_smile:
They normally do 3 a year off top my head thats included the share gems offer.

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I’ve been waiting for a discount VIP offer called Hallow Charms. They had it last year before the Return to Morlovia seasonal event, it seems.

Perhaps they don’t repeat all discount VIP offers. At least, there should be a Christmas discount VIP offer. I have bought it each time (2018, 2019) now.

From memory, there are two alliance gems offers a year. One is around Valentine’s Day, and another share the gems deal already done this year.

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Hope you saw the current discounted VIP for Cyber Week.


I believe there are three - Valentine’s Day, mid-July, and Christmas.

Yes, thank you very much!!!

We probably can check by searching this forum. :joy:

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