Special offer - bought with onet click

Hi Guys,
I’ve just bought special offer (warm cape and two other things) with one click. The window just popped up out of nowhere just before click and voila - I can only claim the items. Normally it would take you into the shop where you can confirm the transaction. I’ve raised the ticket with SG. I’m wondering if its only me or anyone else has encountered similiar issue. Its not a big deal but still…

You might consider setting an extra security level on your iTunes or Play setup. I so much needed one last cape to max Sonja that I bought the offer on my secondary account (though I do think it’s quite expensive for 1 cape and 2 items you can find anywhere), but I still had to confirm the purchase with my fingerprint in my iTunes setup.

I just experienced a purchase that I didn’t plan or want it! Pop up to promote the next special deal is everywhere as soon as you change a page on the game. unfortunately, when i switched to “Quests” I clicked by mistake on a QUICK pop up sale that showed up unexpectedly. Next thing I know, I own something I could care less about it. I was not a happy camper. I wish they could add a confirm botton.

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It keeps on popping out on my screen… 500gems for those materials which can easily receive from the provinces? not worth buying.

I haven’t tested this on my own but my Alliance mate accidentally purchased it as well.

When we usually buy epic deals we are exchanging $ for your gems, etc. That prompts a confirmation screen. This deal is just exchanging gems for items, there was no confirmation of purchase. I’d add a confirmation screen or keep these deals in the shop featured tab.

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