Special of triton doesn't work

Sorry but there is a problem with the Triton his special does not work

Could you be more specific? His special AFAIK is hit one and, in case he receives some healing, he gets some extra healing.

Triton is awesome, he works with dalila, alberich, vivica and other healers

he works with potion too

then sorry I misunderstood. His special works only if there is another curator or with red potions? is that in the Italian description of the special written that all the allies are treated of + 39% for 4 shifts … not that it must be helped to heal

If you trigger a healer, the amount healed would be +39 percent if triton’s special is in effect.

So if delilah triggered and healed a hero for 100 hp as a base, then triton’s special would add another 39 HP.

Here’s how google translates the special’s italian text.

In italy this is the description

Different wording, different version?

Tap Opzioni, then info.

Yes, it is a misunderstanding. A healer needs to fire his special or you need to use a healing potion, after Triton’s special has been fired, for the boost in healing to happen.

ops … I apologize … :slight_smile: … there is an update