Special moves in raids,

Not really sure if it’s the game or not, but in lvls and mainly in raids, having too click anywhere frm 3 to 10 x before a special is used when ready, by which point the other team has used 2 or 3 special attacks, same with some normal moves

I’m not sure I’m understanding what’s happening for you. Are you saying that, even when it’s your turn to act, you can’t activate your specials by clicking on the heroes?

I might be wrong, but sounds like a habit I have and trying to click specials before the turn is properly over. I mainly find that I do it more on Titans due to timer…

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It sounds like the OP is saying the specials cannot be used immediately after powering up. I’m basing this on the following statement:

If so, the answer is that special skills cannot be used on the same move as they are leveled (unless triggered by a mana potion in titans, events, etc.). The opponent gets to hit, use special skills, etc. before the turn goes back to the attacker.

Even if they’ve jst used special, i cant use mine, im having a hero’s special come up, make a move, everything stops, i go to click and use it and can press anywhr frm 3/20 times before it lets me use special, by which time they have used another 4 specials. Happens more I n raids when iv won afew in a raw

Can you make a video?

Remember that this is a turn-based game. They can’t be firing during your turn.

Hero’s specials have to be used before any move is made on the board. Once a tile move is made the turn switches to your opponent. You have to wait for their turn to complete before you can use your hero’s special.


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