Special money packs - are these coming back

will we be seeing the special money packs return - i don’t want to spend money on just gems ?
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Would like to know this too. I confess I am new to this game and not a big spender in general. I am interested only in small packs 3$-10$ not the large $20-$100 packs. Only if they guarantee my progression.

I agree with OP I am not about to shell out 5$ for 1 pull (400 gem pack) or 30$ for 10 pull (2800 gem pack) when I know first hand how terrible the odds are. So far I have attempted around 10 epic/elemental pulls and they have all been 3* heroes… every single one. It may be bad luck but it also tells me I have 100% chance of wasting money with no returns or progression and I’d rather spend it on something else.

Also what is the point of the guaranteed pack you show in the shop the one with 1500 gems for 4 summon token? yes it gives a 3* hero and troop, I doubt anybody wants that you can just as easily get a 3* from any epic or elemental summon. Now if it had a guaranteed 4* or 5* hero/troops that might be slightly more appealing.


Yes, every time I see Athena I think about buying, but the prices are really high. This is hardly my first game that uses this system of rolls, and all others had a draw for 1,99, sometimes even less. Paying 5 dollars for a single one without a single guarantee is insane. They made it impossible for the average player to casually pay now and then, instead they are focused in the few that will pay hundreds for heros.


I am in agreement with @Mieko @IamGroot and @Mai I am a moderate spender on games and usually packs that include a mix of gems (most PTP games I have seen use some type of gem as currency for the harder parts of games or for items that give a lot of bang) and other items that will offer progression in several areas. I also tend to spend more at the beginning than I will going forward.
I also see buying packs as supporting the developer, as a thank you for a good game, and to put money into development to see a game I enjoy get better and continue to grow.
But it is usually a rule of thumb that purchasing simply gems–or the high-end game currency is the worst way to spend money in PTP games–most expensive and does not give you any other perks or items. Most of the big money games I have seen offer gems, but then offer a variety of packs from $5-$100. And these are games that are in Apple’s top lists of money makers. It allows players to spend at the level they are comfortable…and will undoubtedly increase revenue.
Although I have seen some other posts in forums where developers have stood by their decision to offer different packs to different people–it really isn’t going to get you revenue as quickly as offering a variety of options at a variety of prices.
I also would be more than willing–as a paying gamer–to throw down $5-20 a month for a game and for developer support, it seems like I only ever see $50-$100 packs which I will NEVER buy. So with me, you are losing income by not offering me an option that I both want to purchase and can afford.
I respect your marketing choices but I am not sure this one is either par for the market, offering good options to players or providing you with the best revenue stream.
Just my two cents…


An Alliance friend just bought the 19.90$ gems, so 6 drawn and got absolutely nothing but a bunch of 3* and a 4* he already had. That’s a lot of money for absolutely no reward what so ever.

I’m not saying to make guarantees, but for 20$ he should get a lot more rolls to make sure he gets something and have a feel of satisfaction, that it was worth it. He didn’t get that, for him it was a waste and he’s not likely to ever buy again. That’s not something you want your paying player to feel.

And me, that wants Athena so badly, knowing his experience, just completely kills any desire to do the same. The amount of happy people after buying things in my Alliance is close to zero. It’s always “I even bought gem, BUT”. You making people frustrated for not being able to progress even before paying some right amounts. :confused:


I agree. When I started to play, there was some pretty good offers, I payed for the starters pack but the other packs was too expensive when I didn’t know if it was a game I would hang on to.
I would consider to spend on a good offer now and don’t think only gems is worth the price. After the last 2 updates I haven’t seen any special packs, so I’m still waiting…


I am not sure why they are so stingy on the offers, you would think they would want to make more money by offering better deals. It could be they are making so much money and don’t have time to worry about deals. The price of gems from the store is way over inflated, so if they applied some deals they might get alot more business. The odds are so terrible anyways so even if they give a good deal most people will get 3* cards anyways, only the few lucky ones will get something usable.


I agree @Jaz9999 I think big spenders will keep spending large amounts regardless–but adding in more reasonably priced offers would only increase revenue for those who would NEVER spend $50-$100. As I said above I WOULD BE spending if I was offered a deal that was worth the money.


I somehow feel that they aren’t listening. I can’t find the pos from Agee days ago about supporting them. Giving better deals charging less would get a lot of us purchasing more often and that income in there porckets!


Mieko, I’m afraid I have no info on this! I’m just a player that’s volunteered as a Moderator/Game Specialist. Occasionally I’ll get info from Small Giant so that I can better reply across the forum, but that’s it.


If I were to make a recommendation, I would suggest having more 200 for $5 x5 offers. They provide the most value IMO and are affordable.

I empathize with the commenters. Whenever I have over 300 gems i am afraid to cash them in for fear of the disappointment which inevitably occurs. I have bought gems many times and have reached level 35 in this game but only have two 5 star heroes to show for it…and not fully ascended ones at that.


You mean 200 Gems for $5 (x5)? That would make 1000 Gems for $25 and 10000 Gems für $250.
I don’t think, that this is a good deal. With $250 you could get over 20000 Gems…

I don’t say “Hey buy Gems for $250!”, I just think 1000 Gems for $25 is too expensive

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It’s actually 200 gems for $0.99 and you can do it 5 times. so 1000 gems for $4.95 USD. Compared to the default shop 400 gems for $4.99.


What they should do is allow for a level to be bought so instead of random chance if you want level 4 say you pay for this but still get a random character

Devs please give us the chance to pick vial packages more often. I keep looking and I’m disappointed daily!

I’d like to know how often any of the packs come back around is there a rotation timeline? I’m looking for the training packs and would like to know so when they are coming up I wanna have my jems stock piled. Same with thus war pack of like to know for next time

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