Special loot to the last hit of Titan

Hello there! It is so good to have the last hit of te Titan but there is no loot for that. Maybe the developers should consider that for the future!

This isnt a good idea from a team play perspective. It encourages selfish behaviour.

If the last hit was worth more, then people would hold back on hits trying to get the killing blow, rather than hitting as often and as hard as possible.


@Fledoble Has already identified the biggest issues in adding this feature.

Another issue is the potential to discourage players who are first starting out. I have seen it happen when someone joins an alliance and quits only because they don’t feel they are doing enough damage. The reality is regardless of star level all titan damage is good damage and not encouraging players to work together on every titan will artificially increase alliance tensions beyond only the selfish scramble at the end already mentioned. Please don’t implement this as it appears to be worse for everyone involved.


Why not give an Avatar for every 30 last hits.
Would be a nice to have reward, but wouldn’t make most of the players competitive over it.

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Its also a bad idea.

Because even giving any reward for the final strike is going to encourage people to try and get the final strike. And thats bad.

They should remove that counter. It adds nothing of value to the game.


Totally agree (20 chars)

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I could see giving a small bonus to the slayer, to equalize the fact that she had less than 90 seconds to rack up damage. Add to the slayer’s damage total something like Titan_level * 30 * seconds_remaining. Then compute loot tier as normal.

(Formula check: if a 10* Titan has 1 HP left and can be taken down instantly, bonus = 27,000, which is a solid but not spectacular full hit)

Just the fact that this statistic is recorded is enough for one of our clan members to “sit” on 3/3 alliance points until the titan’s health is within range.

I can’t imagine how bad it would become if there was an actual mission or loot grade improvement associated to it.


holy crap are there really people like this?

I am trying to not be judgmental here but in my eyes this seems kinda crazy o.O

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It gets worse, she also complains that we don’t leave her easy targets under 2000 points during AW so she can make attacks at her own convenient time, or she won’t do attacks at all.

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Is she an RL-Friend of someone in the guild? Or are there other reasons why you put up with such behavior?

I mean the titans and AW should help to build up more teamplay not make ppl go total “Counter Strike Russian guy” mentality xD

To get back to the Thread, what do you guys think about a reward for the whole Alliance instead of a single player?

Lets say if every single player did a lasthit in the last 50 Titans but no one more then two.

Something like this would need all players to talk and plan the kills -> more teamplay instead of less

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Our top player’s GF.

Nuff said. Back to topic!


Poor fella! :rofl:

20 chars

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It’d have to be last 30 if no more than 2

#1 - 2 times
#2 - 2 times (sum 4)
#3 - 2 times (sum 6)
#4 - 2 times (sum 8)
#5 - 2 times (sum 10)
#6 - 2 times (sum 12)
#7 - 2 times (sum 14)
#8 - 2 times (sum 16)
#9 - 2 times (sum 18)
#10 - 2 times (sum 20)
#11 - 2 times (sum 22)
#12 - 2 times (sum 24)
#13 - 2 times (sum 26)
#14 - 2 times (sum 28)
#15 - 2 times (sum 30)
#16 - 2 times (sum 32)
#17 - 2 times (sum 34)
#18 - 2 times (sum 36)
#19 - 2 times (sum 38)
#20 - 2 times (sum 40)
#21 - 1 times (sum 41)
#22 - 1 times (sum 42)
#23 - 1 times (sum 43)
#24 - 1 times (sum 44)
#25 - 1 times (sum 45)
#26 - 1 times (sum 46)
#27 - 1 times (sum 47)
#28 - 1 times (sum 48)
#29 - 1 times (sum 49)
#30 - 1 times (sum 50)

This gives the alliance some leeway since some players could be on a work trip or doing a trip with their family or something. It’s also a bit of an error margin, if the planed lasthitter has a really bad bord.

at least that was my thinking behind that.

The reward could also activate the moment all got one lasthit (without more than 2) even if its only between the last 31-49 kills.

I like that you’re thinking about more rewards, missions and meta-goals. The game needs more of these kind of achievements! :slight_smile:

But I must repeat how much I hate that its based on “Finnishing Titan Strikes”. This metric should be stabbed, burned, drowned and strangled.


While i can totally agree with you, how bad is it when you just need to sneeze on him to kill it and no one want to waste a flag to do it? :rofl:


Then you man (or woman) up and take one for the team! :slight_smile:

I’m an uninvited bastard merc.
I rather let him escape or cut my own arm then waste a flag like this :face_with_monocle:

I wouldn’t mind the finishing hit in AW also giving the bonus to all the contributing players, not the one who dealt the blow. Or just not be tallied into player scores at all and displayed somewhere on the side as a team-score bonus.

Anything that rewards selfish behavior in team games only brings suckage.

I’d kick them both. Players can be replaced, good atmosphere cannot.

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