Special item

I’m proposing an idea of a super max item that you can use to fully max out any 1 chosen hero with 1 touch without having to go through leveling up for ages and collecting materials for years !!!
But of course to be won/earned having top score in events or other difficult things

This sounds awful. It would either just make the best players better or be a money grab.


We will all be better players eventually just would like to speed up the process or don’t you have a few hero’s you would love to max out immediately
Cause it’s easy to fight your way into diamond arena but staying there is impossible without a few maxed 5* !!

However the way you proposed it only people with a fully stocked stable would have a chance at getting it. Seems redundant.

this is an awful idea. only the top people would benefit from it. this makes absolutely no sense

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Reminds me of this:

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