Special idea - Set all your minions to target one enemy

Just imagen a special that allows you to target all your minions on a single enemy. I think this could be done by the player’ custom target or by a debuff on an enemy.

Minions & match 3

Minions are a combination meat shield and bonus match 3 ( 3 minions are roughly the same as a 3 tile match ).

Since you cannot target your match 3, it seems you will not be able to target your minions.

Sniper minion

A new type of minion that prioritized the enemy element would be cool.

Sniper minion- attacks weak color when possible.

Green heroes with sniper minions would prioritize blue targets.

Sibling minions

Sibling minions- minion Attack boosted by heroes of same color

Green hero with Sibling minions would get minion attack based on attack stat for all green heroes.

Charge minions

Charge minions- damage is multiplied by the last match combo, x1 if last match was not a combo.


That would be cool, but a little bit overpowered.

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