Special hit after Hel hits a hero?

I am using Hel for some time now and I noticed in last time, that after I use her special, heroes affected with her ability hit me even if they have mana blocked.

I get it that maybe they already had mana full in first turn, but in last fight Drake fired after two turns and there was no mana booster in roster and even if there was how he gains mana after she hit him with here special. ■■■??

Is this possible, did anybody experienced something similar? I am so pissed that I would ■■■■■ slap some developer. Didn’t recorded the fight as truly didn’t expect something like that to be possible.

Drake Fong is a monk (no rhyme intended). Monks have the innate ability to resist status ailments like burn, poison, and Hel’s special effect, among others.


He was under here special he didn’t resist it.

Then it could be a bug. I’ve never seen that happening to be honest.

I have Proteus and once he fires, nobody gains any mana. It should work the same with Hel.


Yeah, to bad I couldn’t record it. I wouldn’t noticed this, was prepared to finish opponent just waited for his left side to attack, Drake that was on right side suddenly fires and kills of my 2 fully charged heroes and third damages and blinds.

This is how I noticed this bug all other heroes affected with Hel special didn’t fire for one more turn after he attacked.

That shouldn’t be happening. You should try to replicate the Hel - Drake bug if you can, and take screenshots next time, then send a support ticket.


Will try it for sure. Thanks for reply.

No problem :slight_smile:

Isn’t Hels special dispellable? Watch for that as well.

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I agree… If there was a cleanser like Rigard or Zimkitha, there is a possibility that they had dispelled Hel’s mana block after you fired her. And hence Drake just gained mana normally. :slight_smile:

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Alby’s special generates mana despite Hel’s debuff too


No, there were no dispelling as other two heroes were affected same as him they didn’t fire for 3 turns and he fired in second turn. I never seen this, possible before I missed something in fights but this one I was really focused on the fight.

He was affected from start same as other two he didn’t dodge attack.

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His team was Evelyn-Frida-Kunchen-Drake-GM.

I hit Drake with Hel after Kunchen fired and Drake didn’t fire in next turn, but in second turn. This was super strange.

Really? Is that intended behaviour? Hel’s SS description says “target and nearby enemies can’t gain mana”.

Yes, that’s intended behavior. Why, I have no idea. Alby’s ability isn’t a gain or a generate, but a “regenerate,” which apparently is intended not to be blocked. Seems OP to me, but what do I know? :man_shrugging:

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