Special gets stronger with leveling up?

I read here : Zeline or Caedmon? that specials are getting stronger with leveling up.

Do i get it right that if i have a 5* heroe with 8 special at level 1, the special is weaker than fully leveled up at 4/80? Except for Zeline and Alberich ?
Or didn’t i understand that part

If it says it does 300% damage, it will entierly depend on the level of your hero as the damage is amplifeid from your attack stat. If it says it heales for 40% of health, it will heal the more health you already have so it again it scales with level hero.

The riposte special I think is the only one that doesnt matter as long as its maxed. I have my Cyprian at 3/30 and I don’t bother to level him up anymore for now. 3/30 Cyprian still does miracles in the right ocasions :slight_smile:

Let me build on that answer. Let’s take as given that we’re dealing with a maxed special (8/8).

All damage-dealers do more damage as they level up. Heroes that do a % damage key off their attack stat, which goes up each time you level the hero. Less obviously, Direct Damage heroes (e.g. Natalya) and Damage Over Time hero s (e.g. Colen) also gain in power. Although the card says they do flat damage, that damage amount is linked to the character level. Troops also modify all attack damage.

No healer’s special is impacted by level, with one exception. Like damage, healers come two flavors: % Heal (e.g. Vivica) or Heal Over Time (e.g. Ares). The first restores a % of the target’s health, so their level matters, but not the caster’s (except as to how much health the caster gets back). Heal Over Time restores a fixed number of HP per round. Both effects are modified by the target’s troops. The sole exception is Delilah, whose minions’s HP is based on the caster’s HP and, therefore, level.

Likewise, no buff/debuff hero’s special is linked to level.

Specifically, Alberich has three parts to his special: mana over time, health over time, and resurrect dead allies. None of these are attacks, so once the special is maxed, his special effect is fixed.

Zeline also has a three part special: attack all foes, remove all buffs from foes, stun foes. The attack does scale with her level; the other two (which are the two most useful components) depend solely on the special’s level.

Of course you still want to level up characters even when their specials are maxed to increase their survivability and damage from tile/slash attacks. But an Alberich at 3/70 is still extremely useful, while a striker like Marjana at 3/70 may not be as good as a similar 4* at 4/70 (which uses the same ascension mats and fewer hams/feeders).


Excellent responses! Thank you!

Just a quick question for @Kerridoc. I believe Natalya is a DoT hero like Colen. Did you mean to say Marjana as a direct damage example?

I think @Kerridoc was referring to the fact that Natalya does a fixed and specific amount of damage per attack, as opposed to a percentage of another character statistic.

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Thanks Paulon. You are no doubt correct. I am still learning the various terms and phrases of E&P.

Right, “direct damage” like Natalya bypasses all the buff/debuff calculations. Direct damage is always also damage over time. DoT heroes like Colen and Marjana can be thought of as a hybrid, with some of their damage upfront using he buff/debuff and some as direct (over time).

Currently we have three “pure” Direct Damage heroes: Natalya, Lady Locke and Morgan le Fay,


Thank you Kerridoc. I always think of “direct damage” as “upfront damage” v. Damage spread out over a number of turns. I have to amend my definions! :slight_smile: