Special features for alliance and leaders - MORE alliance's logo backgrounds and symbols - VOTE HERE

Hi all.

I have an idea to add more backgrounds and symbols to alliance’s logo. Currently we have a huge chocie of avatars in a shop but there is still small choice of elements to alliance logos. There are a lot of alliances that have the same logos but name differently.

Additional backgrounds and logos might be like pins and backgrounds to player avatars like Corelia, Tomb, Map of World, stripes, checked etc.
More symbol would be like items, more hero heads (like current Sha Ji and Ishhtak)

More backgrounds and symbols should be avaiable in four ways ways:

  1. In a shop there will be some stuff to buy for 200 gems by the Leader.

  2. Rewards for special events (next to normal rewards)

  3. Special alliance missions with a special rewards.
    There are examples of missions:
    -> Win 10, 20, 40, 60 wars
    -> Complete 3, 10, 25 war chests
    -> Kill 15, 40, 75 titans
    -> Let join 30, 50, 100 players to the alliance
    -> Reach 30000, 75000, 120000 alliance power
    -> Let complete 10,20, 30 players reach 30,40,50 level
    -> Complete 50,100,150 5* heroes in alliance

  4. Alliance’s bank - every player can pay some ascention materials. After reaching a pole alliance receives new backgorunds and/or logo.

Logos and backgrounds are connected with leader, so when leader leaves his alliance, he might have a possibility to transfer logos and background to the next leader. When alliance is splitted up logos stays with current leader.

In my opinion additional background and logos will make more variety in alliances.

Guys, do You really don’t want to have more various alliance logos? :slight_smile:

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