Special events


Events would be a great addition to the game. Something similar to mobius final fantasy where it’s a limited time separate “world map” that people could traverse in an attempt for different rewards. Quests are sort of like this but not quite as robust as they could be.


What kinds of changes to Quests would you suggest?


I think what he means is another type of quest on top of the regular quests. So another map that comes during special events like Christmas, Easter, etc. Maybe have like 10 different quests to get difficult to get mats. Right now the game is so boring and repetitive. This will add more excitement.


They had an Easter Event that was pretty good and similar to what you are talking about. I have suggested that they just revamp that event for say Summer( take out the egg icons etc) and run it until they can come up with another one. Most players were very happy with it. It was challenging and had good rewards. There was 3 or four sets of quests and I believe each quest had 10 levels.
It would be nice to have some different challenges


I remember that event, I just started not too long before that so I wasn’t able to complete the event due to very weak cards, but I would like to see them introduce more of these events.


As has been said, they did the one Easter event. I think having a special event every once in a while would be fun. Maybe once every three months for example. If it is too often though, I would expect they would lose their “special” feel the way Quests have for some folks.

But great idea though. :grin:


Having a event to get hero of the month as the prize instead of having to roll for it this way everyone can have a chance to get that hero and if you loss the event and not get the hero of the month prize reward its no one fault but your

Ps were are the orbs i have not seen any in months cannot even buy them in the packs


Something close to this is what I was thinking. In similar games they have a whole separate map for the events which is almost as big as the current story map in this game. In some of the events you had to collect a certain amount of quest only loot to unlock more areas of the map or kill x amount of special creatures to unlock other areas, with each area becoming more difficult and having different mechanics to deal with.

On a side note, it would be neat to have more special gems added, like a 4 piece square, and separate the l-shape from the 5 in a row shape.


Orbs of magic are officially Titan battle or Wanted chests only, though I would also check the Mystic Vision (video ads), as sometimes odd loot surfaces there. :smiley:


Yes, not sure how, but some events would be nice. Specially if they were a team effort or with prizes at the end :slightly_smiling_face:


They must be fore the higher up titan because i have not seen any in 4 months my poor li lue she so ancy to get leveled up


No, they aren’t. There’s just a really low chance and a big variety.

My Alliance an I are currently farming 7*, I’m always A+ or A, yet most of the time I get no loot worth the trouble and very rarely an ascension item. Yesterday I got an Orb, first ascension item I got in days. I’m stuck with 4 4* heros needing a few more ascension items and 3 that will need lots very soon (2 of them 5*). It really is annoying not to progress even farming fairly high titans and doing at least 100k every time. If I quit this game, the reason is right here.


Same with 5 day titan chest. Just cashed one in and the only thing of mention were the gems (3 or 5) and a daily summon token. The rest was farmable junk.


We’ve been on 5* / 6* for awhile. I’ve only found 2 orbs so far (waaaaah!) lol


It’s because I complained, I got a glove and an Orb right now from an A+ on 7*.