Special events scoring


Hi, I have a question regarding the scoring process in the special events. The parameters that affect scoring according to the rules are 1. Time. 2. Heroes remaining life 3.Enemies killed and then it also says that big combos are taken into account and lastly " great matches" and here is my question what does it mean by great matches, I have been trying but I can’t get a decent master score.


I didn’t find the specific answer you are looking for, though there are hints on the FAQ:


How did you do? :wink:

My assumption would be “matches” relate to color matches individually (3’s, 4’s and 5’s tiles connected, whereas combos would be series of matches).


Yeah I wish they would just lay it out how the scoring works instead of vague BS like that…might care to try a little harder if I actually knew what to aim for


I believe the FAQ’s are always being updated (based on the dates I’m seeing); I’ll ask for an update to this particular item. :slight_smile:


Rook, this isn’t a players guide. Could you move it to ideas and requests? We should really keep this subforum tidy so people can actually find what they need.


Thanks Dante. Done. :slight_smile: