Special events improvements

Last special event - Avalon had a lot of potential, but failed to deliver for majority of E&P players as evidenced by this forum. I’m hoping that developers would be willing to consider some improvements for the future sessions.

<My team is over 4000 strong and I’m really not worried about top 500 players in this thread, so if you are like me, please keep an open mind. I do compete in all 3 categories, but agree with a lot of posts that complain about the rich getting richer and some created balance issues>

Each of the bullet points is a separate idea and hopefully some will be popular and implemented in the next quest. They are not necessarily connected and don’t all have to be used.

  1. I think that if you go through top players in the game from quest to quest, the list of top individuals, pretty much stays the same. Why not… create a “golden circle” designation for these. This designation would apply only based on prior quest performance. If you were part of top 500 Rewardies in 1st introduction of particular quest, the second time that quest comes up… you will compete with those top 500 individuals for “something special” … I’m thinking of a card that was made for Zero in this forum (but maybe even simpler, how about a gold background to top 10 of these individuals for a month or so), or maybe something else?

  2. The “golden circle” competition would have same prizes as first round, but maybe with added spice?

  3. These 500 individuals are taken out of general competition second round so that others can try to for the first round prizes.

  4. I think first 3 might go together +/-. This one is separate. Perhaps, in addition to divisions of beginner, intermediate, advanced, also have people play in different tiers based on player level. The higher the level the better the rewards and the harder the competition. So separate competition for lvl 1-10; 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50.

  5. I think that Heroes that are made available at the event, should not be allowed to play that event. A twist, but then again there was only one Sir Lancelot, King Arthur, etc.

  6. Something needs to happen as far as top 10 people in the game can’t win every category. Spread the wealth! Perhaps have each person designate which category reward they want to compete for and reward them in that category only. Make all categories more rewarding so that top players who get all rewards don’t complain, although this sacrifice would improve the game overall. How do people see this one executed?

  7. Make reward better for everyone who completes. Extend next category to top 1000 and so on.

  8. Give a bit more feedback to how the score is calculated (divide into groups perhaps … offense, defense, diversity, speed, direct vs special hits, items used, the vulgarity factor, etc)?

What are your thoughts?

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that card that was floating around was something photoshopped by a fellow alliance member, not anything official.

It was an amazing card! Something like that would be great, but I think even a background would make it a worthwhile recognition.

1-3: I like the idea, a lot. Hope the devs do something with the idea.

4: I don’t like division by level. Level is too controllable (basically if you want, you could only do stages that give little experience to gather recruits, build up, and defeat the easier opponents in the <20 category) (or pay money)

5:Meh, could be done, why not. But don’t really see the point. You’d have to ban all event heroes(If your goal is to level the playing field), and that would not be nice. Thematically I can see this, but gameplay wise no.

6: I like the idea of spreading wealth, but not the part where it takes away from the good players. This is why the “golden circle” is in my opinion such a great idea, it spreads the wealth without taking it away from anyone.

7: Would be nice, but it’s up to devs.

  1. I feel like that the FAQ and game gives sufficient info on this. Sufficient being the key word here. We do not get it all, but almost everything that is useful to us.
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We have two E&P players in this household, and if vulgarity factor added to the score, we would have won. :slight_smile:

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I do feel that giving a few more fun feedback categories would help the game. FAQ is fine as is, but from programming standpoint changing up categories every 2 special quests should not be hard and would be more engaging. This in no way has to tell us exactly how the score breaks down, just fun categories to give some feedback.

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